How To Prepare And Apply For CSM Exam?

How To Prepare And Apply For CSM Exam?

How To Prepare And Apply For CSM Exam?

22 Jul 2021 Admin 0 Agile and Scrum

Nowadays, recruitment trends are varying drastically for an individual who is positioned in IT or some related disciplines. If you are thinking of a career change, you must show that you are the best in your domain to the recruiters.

To start your career as Scrum Master or to enhance your skills, you must go for the CSM certification course.

Do you keep any questions in your mind such as what are eligibility criteria, how to apply, and the process to get certified? Then, this article will help you with all the necessary information. Let start to have a quick look.

Who is Scrum Master?

As a Scrum Master, he/she becomes the leader for the Scrum development team. Team members look for the Scrum Master when they encounter obstacles in their work process. The Scrum Master oversees creating a good, vibrant environment where everyone can reach their inner potential and shine as an exceptional professional. The Scrum Masters also manage Scrum events, which are a critical part of product development and its delivery.

Eligibility criteria:

There are no specific eligibility criteria to undergo this certification course. But you are asked to attend 16 hours live online learning course from a recognized course provider.

Way to proceed for this CSM Certification & Exam Structure

CSM test questions seem to be easier as it is an entry-level certification course to improve your Scrum skills effectively in an enterprise/team. Let’s have an in-depth view about how to proceed with this certification course,

Steps to get Scrum Master Certification:

  • Firstly, you have to undergo a 2-day training course given by Certified Scrum Trainer (CST) from Scrum Alliance.
  • After completion of your 2-day learning course, the recognized Scrum Alliance Certification body will send you an invitation link in the mail
  • You are asked to click on the received link to go for your CSM certificate test.
  • The test structure would be the multiple choices of questions. It consists of 50 total questions, out of that you must clear the exam with a 74% pass percentage.
  • You will be asked to claim your CSM certificate after clearing the exam with a minimum pass percentage.
  • You will get a CSM certificate and 2-year membership through this learning course.
  • If you fail to score the minimum percentage, then you are allowed to take attempts free of costs. You have to pay $25 when you are crossing more than two attempts.

How much does this scrum alliance certification cost?

Scrum Alliance Certification costs INR 18,000-25,000 (Course Fee Included Exam Fee)

How to renew your CSM certificate?

This certificate has to be renewed for two years once by paying a fee of $100 with 20 SEU’s. You will get a grace period of 90 days (3 months) to renew your CSM certificate.

Future Scope:

You can make your career path by earning CSM certification from accredited Scrum Alliance and joining a niche CSM group around the world. In addition, you can have more opportunities to get a job with a high salary. The salary, you can expect after this Scrum Alliance Certification is more than $100k per year that is high when compared to non-certified peers in IT industry.

After CSM, you can also go for below-advanced certificates:

  • Advanced Certified Scrum Master Certification (A-CSM)
  • Certified Scrum Professional – Scrum Master Certification (CSP-SM)

Final Thoughts

Definitely, by holding this Scrum Alliance Certification you can visualize your growth in career opportunities beneficially. In recent days, most of software companies are implementing Scrum Framework and are looking for Certified Scrum Masters.

Take your first step towards the most-wanted Scrum career today.

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