The Data science profession has taken the world by storm. It has come up as one of the hottest jobs in the business world. Large-scale and smart enterprises are constantly integrating this practice in order to enhance their business processes and workings.

Talking about the figures, there has been noted a 29 percent increase in demand for data scientists in the last one year; nevertheless, it’s 344% from the time it has come into existence (that’s 2013).

Thanks to its shining and ultra-smart technologies that serve great perks that more and more people today are joining data science certification training.

Today, businesses from diverse industry verticals are hiring these data scientist experts to garner valuable insights. As a matter of fact, data science has huge scope to serve both businesses and the ones who are considering this niche as their career choice. If you are someone who is thinking of getting into this career and become a data scientist in the forthcoming, now is your time. Continue reading this guide to know what it actually takes to be the one in reality and if it’s the right bet for you or not.


What Is The Job Role Of A Data Scientist?


Job Role Of Data Scientist


A data scientist is a logical data expert with incredible technical skills and aptitude to solve intricate problems with utmost efficiency. He is the one that has a vast acquaintance of algorithms, data, and data visualization concepts, working within the business plus technology world.

The end job role is to collect, analyze and interpret data to improve business operations and enhance business productivity to get a better edge over their other opponents.


Data Science Industry Update In 2021 & Beyond


Today data is ruling out and growing like never like before and considering that, it won’t be wrong to anticipate that it has quite a foreseeable future. As a result of that, jobs are too increasing in numbers tremendously. Hence, it is here to stay for much longer than someone has ever thought. Getting into it will undoubtedly bring positive changes.


Career Trajectory In The Data Science Field


Career Trajectory


Quite often, many data scientist aspirants find difficulty and perplexity while deciding if a particular data scientist profile is the right fit for them or not. Just because this domain is quite a nascent field, many people have diverse opinions and outlooks on it. Maybe that’s because of the fact too that there is no clear precedence concerning different job titles too.


Career Prospects Of Data Scientist Job


Being considered as the most lucrative job profile today, there are no signs showing a decrease in its demand anytime soon. Since more and more businesses are embedding this smart technology in their business process, firms are on the constant lookout for hiring these professionals.

According to the survey in the existing technological ecosystem, it has been found that lately, there are more than 70% of job openings for data scientists with three to four years of working expertise.

There are many reasons why the career trajectory of a data scientist is found to be so complicated. Here, I’m highlighting the top 3 designations you may consider to sustain a successful data science career ahead.


Data Scientist


Data Scientist


This one is in rage and known to be the most sought-after job profile in the data science domain. Some other job titles that can be used at their place are market analysts or business intelligence professionals. Their job role is to garner valuable insights from data and find predictions and patterns to incorporate effective yet most suitable marketing tactics.


Skill sets required to work as one –


  • Strong mathematic plus statistic knowledge
  • Robust business acumen
  • Exceptional presentation plus communicational skills
  • Knowledge of R and python language

Data Analyst


Data Analyst


This job role requires a person to have extra strong technical skills. Two other most common job titles that are usually used at their place are business analyst and analytics expert. Speaking about their job responsibility, it is to generate actionable data insights that are further considered to take a final call upon.


Skill sets required to work as one –


  • Ability to model data efficiently
  • Hands-on practice of R and python language
  • Strong presentation as well as business acumen
  • Tableau practice

Data Engineer


A professional, dedicated, and compassionate data engineer is considered to be the backbone of any successful and big-scale enterprise. Businesses typically employ these data engineers to channel the right talent in their business software development process. Some of the names that are usually used at its place are quantitative professional plus data architect. Hence, never get bewildered in a mid-way.


Skill sets required to work as one –


  • Strong knowledge and hands-on practice of programming languages
  • Adequate database management
  • Data cleaning and filtering skills
  • Presentation as well as strong visualization skills

It doesn’t matter which job profile you feel more inclined towards; you will need to have well-rounded and extensive skill sets to work as one. Just ensure to choose the one you find the most interesting.


Road Map To Data Scientist Profession / Career


1. Get the data scientist training done

This is what you need to kick-start your journey in this domain. You may consider pursuing your data scientist training done from some accredited and reputed source. Quite evident, there are a sea of options offering this training, but you need to give the most professional source to ensure an effective yet successful learning experience.

2. Join Facebook groups of data science and contribute to it

This one helps greatly, trust me. I will recommend you to make maximum out of it, find meetups that are supposed to happen, and try attending them on a frequent basis. This way, your knowledge scale is going to be up-scaled, and it’s always great to increase the pool of your knowledge.

3. Practice more and more, and seek job opportunities

Practice is what makes a person perfect in his work. So, write more and more & share it on social media platforms.Pro tip – build a strong LinkedIn profile, this way chance of landing a better job opportunity increases eventually.

4. LearNow Data Scientist Training for Aspiring Data Scientists

Not sure how to proceed with this training ahead and if that’s right to pave success forward? Talk to our experts on 1800-783-1369 (Toll-Free) today! I wish you all the luck!


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