A defining IoT battle of our time is now between different cloud platform: Azure vs AWS vs Google and who will win the market. This is the three most popular IoT platforms used nowadays. But before knowing about these platforms, let’s discuss what led to the development of these platforms.

One of the major milestones in the field of technology is the emergence of IoT, as it opened up vast possibilities in the technology sector. Now have a look at some of the benefits you get in your day to day activities because of IoT.

  • It has made possible to bring the full power of the internet in varied devices, appliances.
  • It is because of IoT now you have homes with lightning, doors along with heating and cooling system that is controlled by Smartphones.
  • Then there are several Smartwatches and fitness bands that can easily monitor all your important statistics all over the day and makes you alert when something unusual occurs.

So, with so many benefits, we are required to make rapid IoT development, design good IoT devices. It also increases the amount spent on an IoT developer, so to decrease it various IoT platforms have been created. These platforms facilitate easy and quick IoT development. Thus, at present three popular IoT platforms are Azure, Google, and AWS. Let’s know in details about each of this platform:

  • Microsoft Azure: It is a Microsoft cloud solution that provides a good amount of cloud-based services like virtual machines, storage solutions, database management systems, messaging platforms and many more. The IoT platform offers several Azure services that can be used in IoT product development like downtime prediction, distant monitoring of IoT devices and easy integration with existing services. It is also cost-effective as compared to other IoT platforms.
  • Google: Google provides cloud computing services called Google cloud and its IoT platform called Google Cloud IoT platform. It is a little expensive than Azure but less than AWS. It is the third-largest IoT platform at present.
  • AWS: In the rat race, AWS is far in the lead. All IoT targeted features are present in the WS IoT platform. As compared to another platform it is little expensive.

Adopting cloud computing has rapidly become an important driving service for several businesses today when businesses are moved out from data centers to cut down costs and enhance agility. There were some early concerns on security and data sovereignty in these platforms which were later addressed by cloud vendors.

To know more about the IoT rat race between three platforms have a look at some of the points where we can compare them and it is easy to know which suits best for your organization.

  • Features and services offered: Which IoT platform to choose depends on the need of each customer and the payloads that are running. This also helps in knowing which platform leads. All three platforms AWS, Azure, and Google provide almost the same capabilities with reliable communication, networking, and storage along with auto-scaling, plus security and recognition management features.
  • AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform offer largely similar basic capabilities around flexible compute, storage and networking. They all share the common elements of a public cloud: But still, AWS provides a large depth of services with analytics, networking, management tools, security, etc and leads the race.
  • Compute, database and networking and storage: For compute AWS offer EC2 instances that can be customized with several options. It also offers several other services like Elastic Beanstalk, EC2 container service, etc. Azure compute offering revolves around Virtual machines along with other tools like cloud services and resource manager that help in deployment of applications. Google’s Compute provides VMs in Google data centers. Similarly, for storage, Microsoft offers Azure storage service, Queue and file storage, Blob block storage along with site recovery, azure back up, etc. AWS storage includes simple storage, Elastic file system, Elastic Block storage, etc. All three platforms provide the best networking capabilities with automatic server loading balance. In the rat race, all three are at the same level in terms of computing, database and networking and also storage.
  • Customer deals: In terms of customer deals AWS leading the rat race, as it has taken a large consumer deals. It has successfully convinced most of the traditional businesses to move to the cloud.
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