Data is one of the biggest assets of any company. Insights and information gained from the data help organisations in many ways. They help organisations make informed decisions, find out what the customers are looking form, identify news ways to organise work flows and encourage performance of the teams. In the earlier days, data was collected for surveys and to find solutions to social problems. They used basic statistical methods to sort and collate the data and get information from it. Now, businesses have found that information gained from data can be used in many ways. This brought about the emergence of Big Data. Now, advanced software tools and applications are used to analyse millions of units of data.

Data analysis helps find meaningful and reliable solutions to problems faced by companies. Data also helps find new and innovative solutions to existing problems. The purpose of Data Science is to extract data and analyse it to find meaningful information that can be used for the growth of the business or the organisation. With so many benefits, the field of Data Science is growing at a very fast rate.

Courses Offered

The major Data Science courses include:

Why Data Science Course?

Data Science is gaining more and more popularity as industries are realising the importance of this technology. Data Science helps companies dig out vital information from loads of data that is generated by various processes. This information is used to understand what the customer expectations are. It is also used to find if the customer is happy with the existing product or service, or if they would like to have something else. Data Science methodologies are used in customer service, marketing, lead acquisition, and innovation. As all companies are using this technology, the need for professionals who are Data Science certified is on the rise. An online Data Science course can help you learn the new technology even as you are working or studying a degree program.

When you join an online Data Science certification program, you will learn all about:

  • Programming for Data Science
  • Data structures, data scrapping and data wrangling
  • Exploratory data analysis
  • Data visualization
  • Predictive analysis
  • Data analysis
  • Machine learning and artificial intelligence
  • Statistical techniques for Data Science
  • Robotic process automation
  • Business analytics
  • Financial services analytics

You will also learn about Data Science tools and technologies such as R, Excel, Python, Tableau, Hadoop, Pig, Hive, and lots more. The course will also train you in essential Data Science skills such as analytical thinking, logical reasoning, and more. After you have completed the basic course in Data Science, you can also specialise in Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Business Analytics or any other sub domain of this technology. The specialisations will help you build your career in that field. 

There will be training sessions, demos, seminars, workshops, webinars and other interactive learning methodologies. Subject matter experts with years of experience in this field will do the training. In the course, you will also have a project, which will help you apply your learning in real-time cases. The course is designed and delivered by experts. The online Data Science course will also allow you to study at your own pace. The biggest benefit of studying Data Science is that it will improve your career prospects and also increase your annual income.

The most Demond Skills for Data Scientists

Demand for data science professionals continues to rise as more companies seek to collect and analyze data and draw business insights from that information. Data scientist job postings have increased by 256% since December 2013, and median base salaries have reached $91k.

General Skills

Here’s the chart of the most frequent general data scientist skills sought by employers. The below skills are required for data scientists Job listings -

  • - Analysis
  • - Machine Learning
  • - Statistics
  • - Computer Science
  • - Communication
  • - Mathematics
  • - Visualization
  • - AI
  • - Deep Learning
  • - NLP
  • - Software Development
  • - Neural Networks
  • - Project Management
  • - Software Engineering
  • - Data Engineering

The Most In-Demand Tech Skills for Data Scientists

Here’s the chart of the most frequent technical data scientist skills sought by employers. Most of data scientists learning technical skills are Python, R, SQL, Hadoop, SAS, Spark, Matlab, Hive, tableau, etc.

Three Types of Data Scientists

Data scientists blend skills in mathematics/statistics, business, and coding/computer science, and full-fledged data scientists have combinations of these (2 or 3 of those skills as strengths). Those with skills in only one are usually early career folks or those who haven't really made the switch into data science yet.

Types of Data Scientists

Core Data Scientist

Key Skills

Python, R, SQL

Percentage of Data Science Jobs


Average Salary


Data Researcher

Key Skills

Python, R, SAS, Matlab, Java, Hadoop

Percentage of Data Science Jobs


Average Salary


Big Data Scientist

Key Skills

Python, Spark, Hive, Hadoop, Java

Percentage of Data Science Jobs


Average Salary


Requirements for Data Science

Anyone can study Data Science. There are requirements for data scientists and data analysts in all fields. So, even if you come from a non-technical background, you can learn the basics of Python programming and then take up a Data Science course. However, if you have a background in computer science or IT, then it will be easier for you to study Data Science or do one of its specialisations. 

Who can Benefit from this Data Science Course?

The Data Science certification program will benefit anyone who is interested in building a career in this field. Fresh graduates who want to start a career in this field can take up this course. Professionals who are working full time or part time can join the Data Science online course and learn this technology during their free time or during the weekends. This course will also be beneficial for working professionals who want to change their domain or improve their career prospects.

Industry wise Demand for Data Scientists and Analytics

DSA Framework Category Professional Services Finance & Insurance Manufacturing Information Healthcare & Social Assistance Retail Trade
Data Drivern Decision Makers 23% 17% 16% 10% 6% 6%
Functional Analysts 23% 34% 9% 5% 8% 4%
Data Systems Developers 41% 14% 14% 10% 5% 3%
Data Analysts 34% 25% 9% 6% 7% 3%
Data Scientists & Advanced Analysts 31% 23% 12% 10% 6% 4%
Analytics Managers 21% 41% 9% 9% 6% 3%

59% of all Data Science and Analytics (DSA) job demand is in Finance & Insurance, Professional Services, and IT. Data Science and Analytics jobs factor most prominently in the Finance and Insurance industry, where they account for 19% of all openings. The Professional Services and IT industries follow with 18% and 17% relative demand for DSA jobs, respectively. The above graphic provides an analysis of DSA job category demand by industry.

Career in Data Science Domain

There are many career prospects in the field of Data Science. Also, you can expect to see very good career growth after you earn a professional certificate in Data Science. There is a need for data scientists and analysts in all fields such as healthcare, education, IT, marine technology, customer relationship, environmental studies, sociology, and lots more. These days, all organisations depend on data for their work process as well as developmental projects. So, even if you are from a background like science or economics, you can join Data Science training and build your career. As a certified data scientist, you can also expect a high salary package that is in par with the industry standards. On average, the salary for certified professionals ranges from $64k to $138k per annum. You can choose to either go into research and development or work in operations. As you gain experience, you can also move into management positions. On the whole, an online Data Science certification program will open doors for your career development and personal growth.

Fastest Growing Tech Occupations

Year-Over-Year Growth

Salary of Data Scientists

Related Job Salary


There are no pre-requisites for joining the Data Science course. Anybody who wants to build a career in this domain can join this online training program. However, if you have knowledge of programming languages and IT experience, then it will be an extra advantage for you.

Yes, we will provide placement assistance after you successfully complete the online Data Science course.

Your job prospects will be very good after you complete the Data Science course. If you are a fresh graduate, you will find plenty of job opportunities at the entry level. You can join a company as a data analyst. If you are a working professional, then you can move to a parallel position in this domain. The job profile will depend on your experience and certification. You can also learn machine language, artificial intelligence, business analysis, big data, and other specialisations of Data Science and plan your career in that path.

Yes, you will earn a certificate in Data Science after you clear the course.

Currently, there is a huge demand for certified data scientists in all the fields. This is because many companies are moving to making data-driving decisions and work processes. Also, many companies are looking for data analysts for their customer service departments and R&D departments. So, you can surely find many job opportunities.

It is preferable if you have coding experience. Even if you don’t know, you can take a refresher course and learn the basics.

We suggest the Executive Programme in Data Science for those who are beginners in this field.

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