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Data science is one of the most buzzed-about domains today, and data scientists are in the farthest demand, with enterprises in almost every business industry seeking to get the maximum value from their burgeoning information resources.

You need to understand –

“Data Scientist (n.): Person who is better at statistics than any software engineer and better at software engineering than any statistician.”

Josh Wills, Director of Data Engineering at Slack

I think it won’t be wrong to state “DATA SCIENTIST IS KING” at today’s time & with data science certification training you acheive this title. Extracting actual business value from data with the combination of technical skills, mathematical know-how, storytelling, and intuition is what it is best at.

Given all the exciting applications and good reasons, it makes complete sense to say that data science is a very sought-after career.


How Do I Become A Data Scientist?


Data Science Certification Training

Here’s my personal favorite saying that will make things and necessities for it a bit more clearer to you –

“The No. 1 thing is you’ve got to have passion. This rich passion for going ruthlessly after the problem and being deeply intellectually honest with yourself about whether this is a reasonable answer….

“The second part can be extremely clever with the data. And what I mean by that is: You’re working with ambiguity. And very often, you can’t approach the problem with the rigor you would a homework assignment. The only way to survive through that is by being clever—to think of a different question that gets at the answer.”

DJ Patil, Former US Chief Data Scientist


What Do You Need to Be a Data Scientist?




When decided to become a professional data scientist by profession, there are top four most vital things that one need to keep in his core remembrance and that are

If you can put three of these elements in place, odds are, you are onto the road to becoming a reliable and professional data scientist by profession. Let’s now know what the other attributes that are needed to be there in a person’s.


The Right Approach To Be Data Science whiz




So what does it take to be a data science whiz? According to IT leaders, business analysts, successful data scientists, and others, here are some vital attributes and skills to earning the stripes and calling yourself a thriving data scientist. The journey won’t be simple; however, it will be substantially more stirring than following the conformist wisdom.


7 Steps To Become A Data Scientist

  • Develop the much-needed data skills
  • Acquire knowledge on data science fundamentals
  • Learn vital programming languages
  • Do hands-on practice on live projects and acquire practical skills
  • Make visualizations and practice using them
  • Make a portfolio and show your data science skills off
  • Apply for suitable and relevant jobs
  • Develop the much-needed data skills

If you’re someone who has expertise in data, then well and good, but if not, if you’ll need to acquire its concepts and knowledge. It is the need of the hour to work towards a data scientist career. It is indeed a high-position job, so before you become a pro in it, you will need to have a broad base of Python, Excel, Tableau, and SQL. The more you will be transparent with these things, the simpler it would be to reach another step.


Acquire knowledge of data science fundamentals




Pursuing an executive program in data science can be one of the most ways to acquire data science skills. While pursuing this one, one will learn critical skills such as storing the data, collecting it, visualizing the present data using different tools, and other specialized applications. What’s more, one will be taught to use programming languages such as R and Python, to predict and analyze anonymous data’s behavior.


Learn vital programming languages




There are many tools and programs that data scientists need to be dependent upon for jobs such as data modeling, cleaning, and analysis. To do their jobs effectively, they need to be familiar with programming languages like Hive, R, Python, SQL, general-purpose Excel, and other tools such as RStudio and TensorFlow, Accord.Net, and Jupyter thoroughly.


Do hands-on practice on live projects and acquire practical skills




By now, you must have acquired the necessary skills of programming languages and digital tools; it is the time to put all your knowledge and skills into practice. Put your hands on doing projects and using all your range of skills and statistical knowledge to make different models and predicts insights. The more you practice doing so, the better and smarter you will get at it.


Make visualizations and practice using them 




One must practice making his visualizations from scratch, practicing different digital programs such as Plotly, Bokeh, Tableau, PowerBi to make calculations and graphs. Creating these visualizations is merely the beginning of the thriving career path, all you need to do practice it as much as you can and later on presenting the most accurate findings.


Make a portfolio and show your data science skills off




Once a person has successfully attained the preliminary skills, knowledge and done with the hands-on practice thing – it is the right time to show what you have got by making a polished and striking portfolio. Give it all you have because it will land you to a certain position, and I hope no one ever wishes to compromise it.

Remember – 

Continuous effort– not strength or intelligence – is the key to unlocking our potential.”   

Winston Churchill  


Apply for suitable and relevant jobs

data-science-certification training & placement


Today, there are different, and indeed many, jobs in the data science arena. Once a person has acquired all the skills needed to be a professional data scientist, there are various subfields, like machine learning engineers, data analysts, quantitative analyst data engineers, database administrators, to name a few. It is up to a person and his passion for it to make him land the most-suitable and desirable job position. Today, opportunities abound, almost everywhere – all a person needs is a scarcity of technical talent, skills training, a strong portfolio, and dedication towards the job!

You’ve Got It!

Becoming a successful data scientist isn’t simple, but the key is to stay motivated and learn with dedication. It is the blend of a range of technical and soft skills that make up a superior data scientist – and this is something one can do via an exclusive training course.

Learnow guarantees excellence with their Advanced Data Science Courses, where you can learn the foundational coding and statistics skills in data science.

Good luck to you. May you become a reliable and quality data scientist super soon!

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