How to crack the Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification Examination?

How to crack the Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification Examination?


If you aspire to clear the exam and get six sigma yellow belt certification, this post would definitely be helpful to you.

Get complete detail on the six sigma yellow belt certification exam guide and firm your knowledge to crack it.


Study Guide For Six Sigma Yellow Belt Examination


Six Sigma is a quality management approach, based on statistical analysis, to improve processes with unknown problems. It is intended for those people who are probationers to this concept and have a little enthusiasm to learn and develop its knowledge.

People who have an adequate understanding of this concept and can execute it well in their real-world problems are in huge by diverse businesses. Employers refer six sigma certification as proof that a person is examined and knowledgeable of using six sigma methodologies and tools effectively.


Things To Know Before Applying For The Examination


Study Guide For Six Sigma Yellow Belt certification Examination


  • Bear in your remembrance that the preparation for the six sigma yellow belt certification takes time, so you need to stay patient while trying hard to clear the examination.
  • Regular study, with all your dedication, is going to play a key role in this journey.
  • A better understanding of mathematics and statistics is the key to succeed good marks.
  • A plethora of resources are available for six sigma yellow belt certification exam preparation; choose wisely for yourself.
  • Never care about the marks. Just give all your hard work and sweat to it, and the final results will follow you.

Yellow belt certification can be the success ladder for your professional career. People armed with it can go a long way ahead and stand different and ahead of the crowd.


Prerequisites Of  Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification 


Prerequisites Of  Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification   

There are no prerequisites required as such. Only the basic knowledge of the body of knowledge is needed from an aspirant’s end.

Two types of people can acquire this  yellow belt certification, i.e.;

  • The ones who are already trained and think they possess all the required knowledge and understanding of the “body of the knowledge” and its tools and mechanisms, by clearing a standard examination.
  • Or the ones who are doing self-study or taking some classes from some institute for this certification.


Complete Details About Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification

Complete Details on Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification

Know everything about the exam you are about to appear for.

Things that you need to be agile of –

  • The total duration hours for the  yellow belt certification examination is 120 minutes
  • The total number of question in the examination will be 75
  • The passing score for it will be 550 out of 750
  • Topics of the whole syllabus should be cleared
  • One must have gone through sample questions
  • Required training needs to be completed successfully


Objectives Of This  Yellow Belt Certification


Objective of Six Sigma certification


Following mentioned below are the major learning objectives of yellow belt certification –

  • Helps improve the value of a person to his employer and clients as well.
  • It helps a person improve the quality of services.
  • Helps you get better job opportunities and pay scale, obviously.
  • Gives the ability to do the best improvement actions for diverse business activities.
  • Makes you the right fit to do hypothesis testing and data analysis.
  • Lessens the process cycle time in business.
  • Enable you to make great business improvements.

How To Start Your  Yellow Belt Certification Exam Preparation?


How To Start Your Six Sigma Exam Preparation


To get six sigma yellow belt certification, firstly, a candidate should know the right path for preparation and prepare it. Make sure to stay stick to it throughout this period.

Some tips that might help you to clear the exam and get the certification –

  • First things come first; go through the syllabus topics thoroughly. Make a study plan (by dividing the topics rightly according to the time you have) and stay consistent with that.
  • Make sure to study every single topic of the syllabus with the right amount of consideration and dedication.
  • This domain is all about real-time based situations. So, while preparing every topic, try to relate it to real-time business problems. It will build a better understanding and knowledge.
  • Do exercises on every topic and get a better grip on all concepts.
  • Participate in practice tests regularly.
  • Identify your weak areas and practice hard on them.
  • Solve sample questions often. There are a plethora of, on the internet.

Things To Take Note Off

  • To score well and get this six sigma yellow belt certification, you should have sufficient time to prepare thoroughly.
  • You should put all your concentration on preparation only and get the proper understating of all concepts.
  • Improve your skills and put all your dedication and loyalty towards it.

Once, all the given tips are followed considerably, I’m sure you will be able to pass this examination with flying colors and get this certification added to your resume.

Got any concerns regarding the six sigma yellow belt certification or its syllabus, feel free to shoot a line and contact us. We will be more than pleased to assist you.

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