Six sigma green belt certification is ruling the business world. However, this is what makes businesses do better and make better in 2021.

Did you even know it is known to be one of the greatest ways to ensure quality and reliable level of process improvement and maintenance level in the business world?

Yes, you heard that right!

It initiates another sense in quality management of the business operations, and its implementation is the key that lets entrepreneurs focus on the quality of work in the business.

Since quality is everything now, its significance can’t just be denied in any terms. Hence, getting six sigma green belt certification is an indispensable step towards ensuring a great career by becoming a master of this lean methodology and leading improvement changer for an organization. Nevertheless, before getting into the training and attaining this certification, let’s know what this six sigma is.


Learn Six Sigma Green Belt Certification


Six Sigma Green Belt Certification – What Is It?


It is an approach that will teach a person to take process-oriented means for quality management in the organization. It won’t be wrong to specify it as an inclusive encompassing system that ensures quality control in the business workings. Reducing errors and rendering quality services to clients is the uppermost priority of implementing six sigma practices. It was launched back in the early 1980s, and from then to now, it has made great significance across businesses worldwide.


Six Sigma Green Belt Certification


Attaining this certification successfully gives knowledge on –

  • Process Maintenance
  • Data Analysis
  • Waste Management
  • Quality
  • Voice of a Customer
  • Organizational Goals in terms of Quality, Cost, and Schedule
  • Risk Management

After all, it is all about the quality of business processes.

Possessing adequate knowledge on these specific areas help a person fetch different thing and ensuring quality. At last, this is what all businesses are striving for in today’s world, and pretty evidently, its demand is not going to get low anytime soon.

If you are someone who is thinking of stepping into this training and get this certification done, one of the most vital things is to crack this examination at first sight. For that, it would be great to pursue training at first sight from some reputable sources.





If one wishes to work as a green belt holder in the business world, he/she must have at least three to four years of working expertise in a well-recognized organization. Any sort of internships and part-time experience is not considered to be advantageous in any case. In addition to adequate knowledge, one must possess the following mentioned traits –

  • A passion for improvement
  • Perseverance
  • A logical, analytical mind
  • Leadership skills

The right blend of all these things makes a person the right fit to work as a green belt professional in the business world. However, clearing the exam out with flying colors is of utmost importance in order to get certified successfully.


Tips For Passing The Green Belt Examination Successfully


Six sigma is a methodology, having a set of tools that aim to find, analyze and eliminate errors from the business process. However, fulfilling this role appropriately demands adequate training and preparation from one’s end.

While you prepare for your lean six sigma green belt examinations, consider adding the following mentioned tips to it to increase your odds of passing it.



Go through topics and study material properly 


At first, one should check with the official body of knowledge and know the key subject areas in the right way.

Consider making a study group of people with similar age groups, interest areas and make a proper study plan. Ensure to stick to this study plan and cover all the subject topics in the right timeframe.

Stay diligent and dedicated to it throughout your preparation time.

Get practical knowledge on how to use and apply every concept ideally. This actually gives real-time experience and understanding as well.

Once you are done with each chapter as a whole, make notes of key points separately. This way, it would be simpler for you to revise the syllabus just before the examination.


Make a toolkit for exam survival 


Prefer breaking out the DMAIC concept in different sections – it would make it simpler for you to get a sound understanding of all its concepts.

Take some extra time out of your schedule to make a reference guide (covering all major tools and terms in it), brief descriptions, along with examples and figures for immediate reference.

Make a thorough outline of the textbook and include important sections and sub-sections of every chapter. As a matter of fact, it enables you to get a great understanding of the DMAIC process.

Keep it organized all the way and use it efficiently.



Put all your hard work and time into the final examination


Put all your hard work and time into the final examination


Start working on your weak areas and have a walkthrough. For every subject and concept, understanding the logic behind it and its correct answers.

While practicing, make use of a calculator if needed (as it’s allowed to use it in the examination)

Make your own strategy before appearing in the exam. However, some of those you can incorporate are –

  • Going through previous year question papers and their answers
  • Managing and strategizing all your questions during the final examination
  • Formatting it in the right means as per the writing phase number

Finally, if you need some expert and professional help for your lean six sigma green belt examination, enroll into training program and increase your odds of having six sigma green belt certification.

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