Anxiety that everyone goes through before appearing in an exam is a real thing. I had faced it too before taking the scrum master exam but today I’m the one. Nevertheless, when I decided to pursue scrum master online, there were number of thoughts like that how’s it going to be like and will I be able to crack it and many more. If that’s with you too, take a deep breath, guys!!!!

There’s nothing to be extreme conscious of. Scrum master online is neither a proctored certification to proceed with nor like something PMP, requiring knowledge of the entire body. Rather scrum master examination is all about confirming the knowledge and skills one has adhered to in the training program.

Start this learning journey with all your dedication, efforts, and enthusiasm will lead you to the milestone you are striving for. What’s more, it is an open book test, so there is nothing to be way too stressed. Here, I’m jotting down some tips to help you ace your Scrum Master Online examination.



Preparing for the scrum master examination 2021

Before you register yourself to appear for this examination, there are a few things to know beforehand. Let’s get to know them at first sight.

1. Attending a 2-day workshop is mandatory

In order to be eligible to sit in the examination, it is important to attend the workshop. Hence, ensure to attend it.

2. Exam fees

The fees for the scrum exam is somewhere $50, and that requires to be submitted beforehand to be able to sit in the examination.

3. Exam pattern

In the scrum master online examination, there are 50 MCQ questions. One has to choose one right option among the four available.

4. Passing score

A person has to score at least 74% or more than that to pass the exam successfully. This means 37 questions are required to be correct out of 50. One will get to see the final result just after the examination is done.

5. Time duration of the test

A candidate will have the time span of one hour to complete the exam. However, in the meantime, one cannot pause the timer. Thus, make sure to utilize the time in the right means with all your focus.

6. Scrum master test is based on what?

Well, this scrum master test is wholly based on the present edition of the scrum guide. Nonetheless, to get a proper and brief idea about the same, consider checking with the official site.


What to do if you fail on the first attempt?


What to do if you fail on the first attempt?

Nothing to worry about and anxious in it! If that’s the case, you will have one free to re-appear in the exam. But that needs to be given before the next 90 days pass.


For how long this scrum master certification is valid?

It’s been valid for almost two years. Afterward, one may renew it by himself or herself annually. To proceed ahead with it, one has to fill-up details on the official site.


 Tips to Prepare for Exam and Get Scrum Master Certification

  • Based on my own experience, here I’ve presented top tips regarding this exam, particularly that would indeed help you in cracking the same.
  • Read the question thoroughly. By this, I mean READ it properly! Prefer reading the last sentence at first. This way, it will be less likely that you get confused in the midway.
  • Look at their wording. The question is all about checking your skills, so never make any choice in a hurry or till the time you are not completely sure.
  • Attend a course – because by sitting into a professional course, course attendees will cover all the topics with adequate instances.
  • Practice sample papers and previous year’s questionnaire as it is going to give great knowledge and understanding.
  • Always be careful of words such as none, never, and always. Too often, this confuses candidates. Just make sure that doesn’t happen to you.
  • When attending the training course, never underestimate the importance and value of self-study along with it.
  • Before submitting the final exam sheet, never forget to go back and review your answers back again. Rather I would suggest you to double-check your paper.
  • PS: At the time, when I took this exam, I changed my 5 answers, and I am literally glad for the game.
  • Prefer reading up questions from the bottom up. Believe me; this hijack tends to serve amazing results.
  • In case if you are not sure and stuck onto the question, consider flagging it up for review and later come back to it.

Stay dedicated & finally, you got the certification!

Stay dedicated & finally, you got the certification!

Getting scrum master certification is simply the beginning of your Agile journey! It’s the initial step that is going to lead you to the road of success later on. Indeed, it will require time, effort but at last, it is going to be totally worth it!

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