Considered “the sexiest job of the 21st century” by Harvard University, data science is all the rage today.

It’s trendy, it’s hot, and it’s everything to have a prosperous and flourishing career. It has its own charm!

Almost a decade later from its prevalence, it is still deemed to be as most functional and emergent niche, helping enterprises work smartly and efficiently. Over the past years, the demand for these professionals has increased manifold as well.

Did You Know?

The upsurge of this profession has created a heavy demand and excitement among the people desiring to have a successful career path. People from varied streams and domains, with diverse skill-sets, are making their way to pave a “data scientist” career ahead and attending training programs.

Everyone has different prescriptions around this field, and the internet is full of those opinions.  Those who are already successful in it will tell you about the perks it has to offer and thick salary packages.

But being a data scientist professional is not all about acquiring certain skills and attending data science certification training to land a job. Not as easy as it may sound.

That’s all unrealistic! Don’t let its hype mislead you. Obviously, I don’t mean to discredit or discourage you from pursuing it; all I want you to make the right career decision, or else one wrong decision is going to make you regret it longer.


My Views regarding Data Science & Data Scientist Training


My views regarding Data Science & Data Scientist Training


I wholly contradict the statement “is it true that data science is not for everyone” because anyone can be a data scientist by profession, unless and until you are a creative person and put all your time, efforts, and dedication to pursue that.

Light your inner fire and always –

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”


However, if this decision is made in hastiness, with no knowledge about this field and no interest in programming languages, science, logical thinking, one would certainly end up wasting some crucial years of life.

So, if you are someone who is way too passionate about pursuing this career ahead, go with it or just find some other path to pave.

Learning data science is indeed intimidating; nevertheless, in my case, this career choice turned out to be the best decision. Lucky me!

To give you more clarity on this data scientist profession, I’m here to assist you. Continue reading to know what this domain entails and if it’s worth putting all your efforts into it.


Roles & Responsibilities Of Data Scientist & Importance of Data Science Certification Training


Importance of Data science certification training


“Data science” is much like an umbrella term, having innumerable sections and varied job roles ahead. This may vary in everyone’s case & interchangeable too! However, most common among them all is data engineer, a machine learning professional, data administrator, data visualization expert, & data analyst. Considering your interest area, specifications of every domain expert, and your working expertise, one may decide to proceed with the one that seems to be most suitable.

However, in case if not able to decide the right path, it is highly recommended to –

  • Talk with eminent professionals of this industry and see what a specific arena has
  • Use the internet and explore more and more knowledge
  • Figure out what interests you the most and what will be the most suitable field ahead

Don’t just jump on to a certain decision without knowing comprehensive information about the field.


What Roles Are Most Lucrative?


Roles of Data Science & Data Scientist


There are varying roles that come under the “data science umbrella” that ought to be considered before making a final career choice.

However, all of them prerequisites knowledge of programming languages, tools, mathematics, and some science concepts. And that can be simply attainable if there’s zeal in you.

One can only make a true transition into life by choosing the right field of data science, I hope you will be able to do that well.

Pursue A Course And Get Certified


Certified Data-Scientist


Once the role is decided cautiously, considering all vital aspects, it’s time to put for foot ahead onto the next step, i.e., taking up a data scientist training course and pursuing it successfully. But as there is a huge hype around this data scientist field, there is a sea of options and service providers offering training and courses. One needs to stay a little more considerable and patient in it and put some real efforts to find the most credible training provider.

Go with the one that seems to be most professional and help you go through everything that the job entails. Once enrolled, attend it actively, with all your dedication and enthusiasm.

No questions, this career has a lot to offer. But, don’t just decide to go with it because it has all the hype. One day it’s going to vanish, and of course, it won’t pay your bills.

After a decade from now, there may be some new technology making headlines and making craze around. But that doesn’t mean you have to pursue that.

“Work to become, not to acquire.”

—Elbert Hubbard

Pursue something that makes you happy, excited and if the data science profession seems to be your cup of tea, pursue it and leave no stones unturned for your exponential growth.

I hope after reading it, you have got a clear picture of this profession and what it takes to be a successful data scientist in the forthcoming. Whatever decision you will make, just ensure you never regret it later on.

All the best for your future endeavours.

If you have got any number of concerns about this data science certification training or finding difficulty in understanding any concept in your chooser training, feel free to shoot a line below.

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