Agile and Scrum

SAFe Agilist Certification
16 Sep 2022

Certified SAFe Agilist(SA) Vs Certified SAFe Scrum Master(SSM)?

This article compares the SAFe Scrum Master and SAFe Agilist certifications so that you can decide w...
Scaled Agile Certificate
15 Sep 2022

Scaling Agile Is hard. Here’s Why

Many businesses are implementing agile approaches to streamline their whole operations as well as sp...
Scaled Agile Certification
14 Sep 2022

SAFe Is Not Agile

SAFe is not agile, but it follows the Agile principles, which can be learned by doing a Scaled Agile...
Scaled Agile Certificate
13 Sep 2022

From Scrum To Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®) – A ScrumMaster’s Perspective

Some management, have Scrum, and it delivers tangible results to the company. Leaders are looking to...
Scaled Agile Certification
12 Sep 2022

The Agile Mindset: 7 Best Practices To Achieve It

Agile became popular in the business world as a technique for software development practices around...
Scaled Agile Certification
08 Sep 2022

What Are The SAFe Agile Principles?

Since its introduction, firms using the Scaled Agile Framework have reaped significant financial ad...