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SAFe is a bedecked acronym that means Scaled Agile Framework. That extra “e” in the term “SAFe” stands great significance since it has a lot to do with marketing. The central purpose of this foundational platform is to add a level of security in the business by lowering likely risks and a few SPCs while aligning business development phases to company aims.

One of the best saying that happens to come to my mind when talking about SAFe is –

“Thriving in today’s marketplace frequently depends on making a transformation to become more agile.” 

 ― Scott M. Graffius, Agile Transformation: A Brief Story of How an Entertainment Company Developed New Capabilities and Unlocked Business Agility to Thrive in an Era of Rapid Change

In order to change your business for the better and become stronger, implement scaled agile practices.

Nevertheless, some of the top reasons why big-scale enterprises are embedding this smart technology in their business process are –

  • SAFe drives quicker time to market
  • SAFe tends to increase business productivity as well as quality
  • Happens to work great in terms of customer and client engagement


Did You Know?



SAFe Agile Training


As per the 14th Annual State of Agile Report (2019), “Scaled Agile Framework remains to be the most admired scaling process cited by respondents (35% this year as opposed to that 30% in 2018), leading to growth by thrice presently.”

By embedding SAFe into the working, big-scale businesses are able to implement the agile methodology and work more productively than before. Nonetheless, integrating these practices requires adequate level of skill, expertise, and knowledge. While putting it in simple words, we would mention SAFe as one of the top best frameworks that are going to unite lean plus system thinking to make the best out of business.


Implementing SAFe Agile Practice In Business



Business Implementation


In order to implement this agile methodology in the enterprise, there has been a roadmap mandated by authorized professionals, along with its all major core principles and value. To ensure it gets embedded effectively, and in the right way in the organization, official authorities and professionals have crafted training programs and certifications. Businesses are mandated to follow the roadmap to pursue SAFe agile training and pass it with flying colors. Team morale, adequate understanding, proper knowledge of tools, and productivity is known to be the key to an effective yet successful project, and each of them is going to be addressed altogether when embedding this agile framework.


How Leading SAFe Certification & Training Can Help Your Business?


Business Finance, Accounting, Contract, Advisor Investment Consu


Enterprises of all sizes and areas can benefit from SAFe methodology and increase their business productivity. Following mentioned below are the top reasons why one must consider embedding this training and get certified. Let’s have a glance at those.

  • It helps face agile adoption challenges along with efficiency and utmost consideration
  • Works great in lessening delays, vanishing problems, and facing failures while the agile implementation happens
  • Managing and fulfilling new job responsibilities in an agile environment
  • Ensures consistency and effectiveness at all levels

Upon the successful completion of training and getting certified from a reputable source, one will get to know what processes and methods to be practiced in order to align different aspects and get effective outcomes.

Effective SAFe agile training equips business employees with the ability to put business strategy at the right levels and make the most out of its implementation across the enterprise.

Hope, these reasons are convincing enough to showcase why this SAFe agile training is worth the time and effort too. However, the one that tops the list is its agile business processes and tools that let business people work together and better business outcomes. Pursuing this training will indeed work on your professional as well as personal skills.



Top 5 Perks Of SAFe Agile Framework 


With successful completion of training comes myriad of benefits of this super-smart agile framework that benefits businesses innumerable ways. Let’s know about them!

1. No as such restriction to practice 

Probably, the best thing about this framework! Code, information, and any other data posted on the agile framework can be used and read by anyone (given access to) without taking any paid access. Nevertheless, taking out data or any other details without permission and wrongfully leads to violation disruption.

2. Ability to codify instantly 

All the agile practices of the SAFe framework can be codified with ease, and thus, it can be simply practiced by any fresher person too. In order to get more knowledge of these agile methods and practices, one must gain all the knowledge and implement them out in business processes.

3. SAFe agile is a lightweight & ease-to-use framework 

No one has to spend lots and lots of time to get understanding and closure of using this framework in business processes. This one is lightweight, which simply means; it can be simply understood and mastered in a limited time. Businesses do not need to worry way too much, as it can be simply learned and implemented by employees with adequate training.

4. Very accessible and approachable

SAFe agile framework can be accessed by anyone from its own official website. Proper understanding can be attained from there, with limited efforts and in some time. All a person needs to do is visit and go through its concepts and start applying them in real-life experience.

5. It keeps on getting constantly upgraded

SAFe agile framework keeps on upgrading their version after a time being. This is not just to change the basic functionalities; rather, that’s to keep up to date with market evolutions and standards. The best part about this constant updating thing is, with every updated version, the user experience gets improved.


Leading SAFe Certification With LearNow


SAFe Agile is the leading foundational framework in the business world. Practiced by thousands of large-scale enterprises, it renders some amazing perks to both businesses and employees.

Pursuing this SAFe agile training in this tech-driven era of technology will give wings to your professional as well as personal life.

Join our training program and get access to the knowledge and be a certified SAFe Agilist.


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