The Internet of Things or the IoT refers to the growing network of technologies that connects and communicates via the internet to send and receive data in the absence of human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction. An embedded system is usually designed to support specific functions within a larger system like industrial control systems and machines, automobiles, military systems, automation, smartphones, etc. It is typically a combination of hardware and software, either fixed or programmable in function.

IoT is rapidly evolving, and it is believed that there will be about 50 billion IoT devices connected to the internet by 2030. Professionals are looking for the best IoT Course to learn the basic and advanced concepts of IoT. The IoT Training teaches about sensor programming on an embedded device, IoT device provisioning, and the trending wireless communication protocols like WiFi, Bluetooth, and transport protocols.

There are various IoT Online Courses available to cater to the industry’s growing demand and prepare the professionals through different IoT Certification Courses.


Why enroll in the Internet of Things Course?




Today IoT is expanding to all the industries that touch our lives every day, like appliances, apparel, toys, bicycles, etc. These are all equipped with microcontrollers, computer chips, sensors, etc., that collect and transmit data as programmed.

Students and job seekers are looking for extensive IoT Classes to benefit from the offline or online IoT Certification Courses. The courses not only help in the development of the IoT products but also help in working on the data generated by them.


Highlights of IoT Courses




Before you plan to invest your time and money in IoT Courses from any reputable and trusted platform like LearNow, it is essential to focus on the course highlights. The topics covered by the major courses are:

  • Evolution and technologies in the IoT industry
  • IoT embedded system programming, its sensors, and other components
  • Design principles and methodologies
  • Cloud architecture, primarily Azure
  • Connectivity and programming of IoT devices
  • Case studies related to privacy risks, cybersecurity, safety, security, and reliability
  • Illustration and evolution of 5G myriad IoT applications
  • Security laws

Anyone having a basic knowledge of Embedded Systems and C/C++ Programming, along with Dynamic Memory and File I/O Concepts or equivalent knowledge and experience, can easily take the IoT Course.


Hardware Pre-requisites for the IoT Courses




The microcontroller used for most of the courses is STM32 IoT Discovery Node 915MHZ – Mfg. Part # B-L475E-IOT01A.

It can be purchased from Digi-Key Electronics or other electronics dealers.  


Learning Outcomes of IoT Courses 




After the essential IoT Online Training, professionals can become proficient in the following domains:

  • Identification of different components of IoT
  • Comprehend the complexity of the IoT stack
  • Programming embedded sensors and devices
  • Provisioning, control, and management of embedded IoT devices in the cloud
  • Analytics and management of sensor data
  • Implement appropriate communication protocols and data format such as JSON
  • Appreciation of 5G potential for IoT ecosystems

After completing this course, you can take other courses in the Embedded systems engineering certificate program for better job prospects and salary numeration. 


Job Prospects after Successful Completion of the IoT Courses




The IoT relies heavily on the Embedded Systems and Technology through the World Wide Web. Computer hardware engineers have excellent career opportunities by 2025, as the industry is expected to reach USD 1256.1 billion.


To Sum Up

If you are all set to explore the ample job opportunities in the embedded technologies in the IoT domain, then you must take an elaborate and reputable IoT Online Course to become proficient. After taking the IoT Certification Courses from leading online portals like LearNow, you can surely get the best jobs anywhere in the world.

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