Seems like one and all are talking about the Internet of Things (IoT) —it’s good, bad, and alarming along the lines of. It’s a hot topic!


But what actually is IoT?




Well, to put it simply, it can be defined as a concept and a giant network of interrelated computing devices over a single network. Home appliances, cars, and many other monitors can even be connected via this smart internet of things (IoT) technology.

From its inception to now, this smart technology and its implementation is bringing the next greatest industrial revolution in the IT world.In fact, having reviewed all the market responses and its working, it won’t be wrong at all, to consider this smart IoT technology as just a new beginning of machines taking over the world and people.

Did You Know????

  • In the year 2017, there were more than 8.4 billion IoT devices that were connected via this technology. If we compare to this figure to that of 2016, there was a 31% boost. On the other hand, other reports anticipated that this figure is expectedly going to be 20.4 billion by the next year.

To show how fast this sector is rising, I’ve even rounded up the top 3 mind-boggling IoT facts.

The IoT is only going to grow. Just think of the incredible limitless job opportunities it brings for everyone in today’s time. Maybe, this can also be one of the reasons why IoT online course are in so much rage today!

Since, by now, you have got to know why and how it is ruling the world. Odds are now you might be wondering how this smart technology does actually work. Let’s know that!


How the Internet of Things (IoT) Works?




When talking about how do IoT works, the process starts with devices that have built-in sensors. Just like all other systems, IoT has its own steps and components. It won’t be wrong to mention it’s working as highly technical.

The whole IoT system is made up of 4 various components, sensors /devices, connectivity, data processing, and user interface to work all together to deliver the desired outcome.

Altogether, these platforms can clearly show what data is useful and what needs to be ignored. Too often, this data is used by organizations to make certain suggestions, detect some patterns, and know likely problems beforehand.


Let’s now know how each of them works.


  • Sensors/devices – its job is to store all the data (be it of any nature) from the connected devices. Too often, to filter the sensitive changes in data, multiple sensors are used as a part of a device to sense valuable things. This way, the collection of every minute detail is done from the environment.
  • Connectivity – once the data is gathered, it’s sent to an IoT platform via a medium (it can be through Ethernet, LAN, Bluetooth, Cellular networks, and other wired or wireless networking technologies). Each of these options has its own tradeoff components; choosing the one that can transmit data safely and quickly relies on your needs and its complexity level.
  • Data Processing – by now, data is stored, thoroughly analyzed, and processed for better decision making. Now it is the time to use it to make instant and intelligent choices that make an ordinary device work as an exceptionally smart one.
  • User Interface – it is the last step that notifies the user via a notification, text SMS or an email on their application. Depending on their personal choices, the user can either leave it or perform the desired action.

Learn the Internet of Things (IoT) & Make Your Future in It




Once you understand the IoT technology is not just an ordinary concept; it is a technology-enabled Network of all networks network, ruling the world, you will undoubtedly want to make your future in this domain. Well, why you wouldn’t be? After all, its applications are today used everywhere, be it home management, agriculture, smart retail, environmental protection, healthcare, and urban management, to name a few.

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