8 Different Types Of Employee Training Programs

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8 Different Types Of Employee Training Programs

15 Mar 2024 Admin 0 Leadership

What does a company boast of? Well, the most integral thing that any organization can really take pride in is its workforce. The effectiveness and quality of a firm depend on its workforce, and for them to operate at their best, they require proper training, most evidently! Programs that effectively teach employees have several advantages, from lowering turnover to boosting productivity. However, many businesses find it difficult to pinpoint the kinds of staff training that would be most effective.

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Types Of Employee Training For The Modern Workforce

A method that involves several staff training programs will be the most successful for the majority of businesses. However, there are several kinds of employee training programs. To make the right choices and get the greatest outcomes, it is crucial to take into account which style best suits the requirements of your firm. Here we have listed the 8 most prominent forms of workplace training for your aid. Let’s walk through it for a concrete understanding of the different types of employee training programs and their effectiveness.

1. Employee Orientation Training

First off, orientation training mostly entails acclimating and introducing your new hires to the business. To get them ready for their first day of work, you can walk them through the fundamentals.

The one-day training will encompass the following subjects:

  • Company's mission and basic principles
  • Corporate policies and culture
  • Organizational design
  • Greetings and a tour of the office
  • New hiring paperwork requirements
  • Administrative tasks like setting up their workstation and generating login credentials

2. Training During Employee Onboarding

You may provide recruits access to an onboarding training course to help them get started as soon as possible. Additionally, it will acquaint them with all of the technology and applications they will employ. This course can go on for as long as it takes to cover all the material that employees require in order to do their jobs properly while also introducing pertinent job skills.

3. Training In Technical Skills

Perhaps your staff members are already proficient in programming, bookkeeping, content creation, or composing quotes. But there's always an opportunity for development, particularly if their position calls for specialized technical abilities. Therefore, a lot of businesses allocate money to maintaining and enhancing the technical capabilities of their personnel.

Your firm has two options for how to organize training: either externally or internally. The younger personnel can then be trained by a senior employee. An LMS may be utilized to manage internal technical skill training.

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4. Training On Interpersonal And Soft Skills

Technical proficiency is not the only factor. Soft skills are equally crucial for career advancement. Soft skills are often categorized as a blend of character types, actions, and social attitudes. People can successfully communicate, work together, and handle conflict owing to these talents. Your company will be able to create the perfect corporate culture and foster better working connections with the aid of soft skill development. We can have the following topics under soft skills training:

  • Communication skills
  • Flexibility or adaptability to various works
  • Speaking before mass or public speaking
  • Listening skills
  • Ability to work in, with, and as a team

5. Training For A Product Or Service

Your onboarding training program or continuous skills training may include product training. To guarantee that they leave a positive impression, you might utilize it to inform your staff about the goods or services they promote.

Additionally, it keeps your existing team informed about additional features, services, and products. You may either utilize an LMS to make this process easier or regularly provide your personnel with face-to-face training.

6. Compliance Training For Employees

Certain legal duties must be met by employees in some industries in order for them to do their work. Leadership and Management, for instance, require construction workers to possess particular safety certifications and mortgage counselors to renew their licenses on a regular basis. Governments frequently offer compliance education. This occurs both during regular face-to-face training sessions and online training sessions.

7. Franchise Education

If you own a franchise, you should maintain uniformity in your procedures and goods throughout all franchised locations. Consistency may be challenging to maintain, particularly if procedures and products change regularly. A specialized training team from the corporate office can offer on-site instruction to keep staff members current. Also, headquarters or Leadership and Management Training can give all the data and paperwork and then delegate control to the branch managers. The managers can then choose between offline and online training for their personnel. The online training might potentially be planned by the headquarters.

8. Training In Leadership And Management

A person can advance to new, more senior jobs. You may provide them with Leadership Training to get them ready for a job with a leadership role. How do you get from being "the boss" to becoming a genuine leader? How can you win over your team despite their initial opposition to your decisions and planned strategies?

You may assist your staff in developing a deeper

Final Words

Understanding of leadership through multi-day training sessions. The business must first determine whether workers have excellent leadership skills. By assessing each staff's services to the business and seniority, the corporation may do that. For individual or group sessions with the trainees, the firm may contract with outside coaches.

As a result, it can be concluded that a Learning Management System is an effective tool for centralizing all of your information. Additionally, it does away with the extra difficulty and expense of organizing a complex in-person training program for staff. You may utilize whatever current paperwork you have in order to produce instructional materials that need to be distributed to your staff. Additionally, the majority of LMSs have a reporting component where you can get a detailed look at the activities, completion rates, and general effectiveness of your employees’ training.

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