Data Science With R Programming Certification Training

Master your R skills - No programming experience required; Become a Data Scientist!

R is the most versatile programming language that any aspiring data researcher/professional would like to learn. LearNow's Data Science with R certification course will teach you how to manage, process, and analyze data using this programming language.

The exercise-based approach will help you learn the basics of the pure packages like dplyr, readr, and ggplot2 that are commonly bundled with R. In this Data Science with R certification course, you will use real-world datasets to learn machine learning and statistical techniques required to create your functions and do group analysis.

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  • 42-hrs LIVE Instructor-led online training

  • Hands-on learning with live projects

  • Access to comprehensive study material

  • Flexible schedule

  • Course completion certificate

  • 24/7 Mentor support in learning

By completing Data Science with R course at LearNow, you will:

  • Better understand data science workflow using R

  • Understand the basic concepts of data science

  • Gain practical knowledge and know about tools of R.

  • Extensive knowledge of data manipulation & visualization, data mining, and advanced analysis.

  • Get advanced data science knowledge and use it in real business scenarios.

  • Understand the data science probability and statistics.




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Data Science with R Certification Course At LearNow

At LearNow, we always aim to build value for our candidates. We offer a Data Science with R course with the latest technologies and tools. Candidates with any educational background & having basic knowledge of R can join data science with R training. Attend this course to gain hands-on experience in analysis & development.

We designed this Data Science with R course to help you learn the basics of R and introduce its concepts. We have industry experts with extensive training experience. The course at our institute prepares you for complex, diverse projects, and the certification increases your career prospects. We offer online data science with R training at an affordable price. Register now! Enhance your skills – Become a Data Science Expert!

Who Should attend this Data Science with R Certification Course?

The Data Science with R Certification training is beneficial for all budding data scientists including


  • Software Developers/IT professionals looking for career growth in data analytics.

  • Consultants, Engineers, & Functional Managers.

  • Business Analysis and Data science professionals.

  • Graduates seeking a career in data science.

  • Experienced data science professionals looking to hone their skills in the domain.


There are no specific prerequisites to take this Data Science with R Certification training course. It would be added advantage if you have basic knowledge of any programming language.

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Benefits Of Data Science with R Certification Course

  • Get high-paying job in top companies.

  • Knowledge of R language is an additional asset for better career growth in Data Science.

  • Growing demand for Data Scientists and companies look for data analytics skilled experts.

  • Unlock career opportunities and get more visibility.

  • Gain more confidence and better recognition in the competitive job marketplace.

  • This helps you use data management technologies such as Hadoop, R, machine learning, and more.


Why LearNow for Data Science with R Certification Course?


  • Experienced industry experts/trainers.

  • Providing flexible and self-paced learning experiences.

  • Live real-world project/role-based training.

  • Industry-recognized course completion certificate.

  • Review the video tutorials at any time from anywhere.

  • Training based on live industry scenarios and standards.

  • Industry-oriented study material with practical assignments.

Course Curriculum

  • Reinforced Learning 

  • Reinforcement learning Process Flow 

  • Reinforced Learning Use cases 

  • Deep Learning 

  • Biological Neural Networks 

  • Understand Artificial Neural Networks 

  • Building an Artificial Neural Network 

  • How ANN works 

  • Important Terminologies of ANN’s 

  • What is Time Series data?  

  • Time Series variables  

  • Different components of Time Series data  

  • Visualize the data to identify Time Series Components  

  • Implement ARIMA model for forecasting  

  • Exponential smoothing models  

  • Identifying different time series scenario based on which different Exponential Smoothing model can be applied  

  • Implement respective ETS model for forecasting  

  • The concepts of text-mining  

  • Use cases  

  • Text Mining Algorithms  

  • Quantifying text  

  • TF-IDF  

  • Beyond TF-IDF  

  • What is Association Rules & its use cases? 

  • What is Recommendation Engine & it’s working? 

  • Types of Recommendations 

  • User-Based Recommendation 

  • Item-Based Recommendation 

  • Difference: User-Based and Item-Based Recommendation 

  • Recommendation use cases 

  • What is Clustering & its use cases 

  • What is K-means Clustering? 

  • What is C-means Clustering? 

  • What is Canopy Clustering? 

  • What is Hierarchical Clustering? 

  • What are classification and its use cases? 

  • What is Decision Tree? 

  • Algorithm for Decision Tree Induction 

  • Creating a Perfect Decision Tree 

  • Confusion Matrix 

  • What is Random Forest? 

  • What is Naive Bayes? 

  • Support Vector Machine: Classification 

  • What is Machine Learning? 

  • Machine Learning Use-Cases 

  • Machine Learning Process Flow 

  • Machine Learning Categories 

  • Supervised Learning algorithm: Linear Regression and Logistic Regression

  • Data Analysis Pipeline 

  • What is Data Extraction 

  • Types of Data 

  • Raw and Processed Data 

  • Data Wrangling 

  • Exploratory Data Analysis 

  • Visualization of Data 

  • What is Statistical Inference? 

  • Terminologies of Statistics 

  • Measures of Centres 

  • Measures of Spread 

  • Probability 

  • Normal Distribution 

  • Binary Distribution 

  • What is Data Science?
  • What does Data Science involve?
  • Era of Data Science
  • Business Intelligence vs Data Science
  • Life cycle of Data Science
  • Tools of Data Science
  • Introduction to Big Data and Hadoop
  • Introduction to R
  • Introduction to Spark
  • Introduction to Machine Learning
General FAQ

At LearNow’s Data Science with R course, we have an industry-standard curriculum developed by industry experts. The training we offer is 100% practice-oriented. When teaching data science, we make you to get practical experience by involving in live-project assignments. We provide each candidate with detailed guides. With our course content, we continue to educate students and improve their skills.

At LearNow, Data Science with R course is held online. You can attend it on a laptop/tablet with good internet connectivity.

At LearNow, Data Science with R course is held online. You can attend it on a laptop/tablet with good internet connectivity.

At LearNow, the data science with R course is conducted online and you are given access to recorded sessions and so you can revise the missed session.

Exam FAQ

·        Software Engineers

·        Data Analysts

·        SAS developers

·        Business Analyst/Intelligence professionals

·        Professionals who wish to begin their career in Data Science.