DevOps - Job Titles, Roles, And Career Path

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DevOps - Job Titles, Roles, And Career Path

DevOps - Job Titles, Roles, And Career Path

13 Aug 2021 Admin 0 DevOps

DevOps integrates development operations and requires a chain of connected tools to transform collaboration. As per Gartner companies around the world are increasingly adopting a DevOps culture nowadays.

Over 35 percent of the largest companies adopt DevOps as their primary strategy. DevOps Certification Course opens up many opportunities in your career. Based on the DevOps approach, some special functions can be implemented by the team.

In this article, we are discussing various DevOps designations, Career Paths, and more.

DevOps Engineer Career Path

To become a DevOps Engineer, you must know the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC). You have to be an expert in implementing various DevOps Automation tools and processes to solve complex operational problems. A successful DevOps engineer needs to learn to juggle different tasks such as coding, integration, and testing.

If you want to build a career in DevOps, you can start a career by playing the various roles mentioned below.

DevOps Engineer - DevOps/Platform Engineer is the person who monitors and maintains the platform used for DevOps operations.

A qualified candidate for this position has professional DevOps experience, knows the available platforms and integration with existing business processes, and has management experience.

The average salary of a DevOps engineer typically ranges between $ 100k and $ 150k or more.

DevOps Architect - A qualified candidate for the position of DevOps Architect will have in-depth knowledge of DevOps platforms and their integration. You also need to be able to solve problems quickly, so deep critical thinking is essential.

The average salary of a DevOps Architect is $90k per year.

Release Manager - Must have good interaction skills as he often has to collaborate with technical staff and project managers. Release Manager has to deal with various projects, DevOps pipelines, and due dates.

The average salary of a Release Manager is $153k per year.

Automation Engineer –You are the person responsible for the development of automated solutions for industrial environments. They have to work with UNIX and Linux machines and must have a good understanding of how to automate tasks using a shell script and Python for managing CI / CD pipelines.

The average salary of an Automation Engineer is $50k.

Integration Specialists - The integration specialist works with infrastructure departments and development teams to ensure code integration and continuity. These create a better approach to the work environment. You have to work with cloud architects to deploy containers as required by software developers.

The average salary of an Integration Specialist is $50k.

Security Engineer - DevOps emphasizes the value of complete security using various tools. This creates a need for the security engineer to join hands with a software developer team. They have to ensure that each process and interface is designed and is also security-oriented.

The average salary of a Security Engineer is around $100k.

Software Tester – The role of the Software tester is to write and develop software test cases. They should have more than two years of work experience in software testing. If you wish to initiate a career in this testing role, you need basic knowledge about various DevOps tools.

The salary is nearly $50k for a Software Tester.


DevOps is an excellent approach to improving team collaboration within your enterprise and increase product development efficiency. Thus, DevOps engineer is one of the most rewarding careers today.

There has never been a better time to explore the career path in DevOps.

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We believe this blog has informed you about the DevOps career opportunities, salary packages, and the different responsibilities in the software world.

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