Five Mistakes To Avoid In Your Corporate Training Program

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Five Mistakes To Avoid In Your Corporate Training Program

29 Jul 2022 Admin 0 Leadership

Two years ago, when the pandemic hit us, leaders and employees had to rapidly adapt to the change. This resulted in digitized corporate training programs shaping up at higher rates than expected. So, technology now forms the core of how employers teach and engage their employees. 

Neglecting the training needs of your employees is a huge mistake that can make your business fall behind your competitors as your employees will not have adequate soft and hard skills to remain motivated and creative in their respective roles. When you look ahead to develop corporate training courses for your organization, make sure to avoid the following training pitfalls to achieve desirable results. 

Workplace Training Mistakes Are Expensive 

The biggest lesson that the pandemic has taught us is that we must rely on technology to communicate and function effectively in our roles. One of the most expensive effects of the pandemic has been the job churn rates which have reached an all-time high of 30-40% in some organizations in the USA. 

In recent times, 70% of employees have stated that they have left their present jobs because their employers were not providing them with enough scope for career advancement. Therefore, keeping employees engaged using training and upskilling methods can reduce turnover rates, saving your organization a lot of money. Corporate training programs can increase employee productivity in this chaotic environment and help you stay competitive expanding your reach in the industry.

Top 5 Mistakes To Avoid In Your Training Program

In recent years, organizations have invested $85 billion in corporate training courses and the e-learning software market has grown by 17.5% from 2016-to 2022. However, the major hurdles still faced is a lack of engagement and motivation in employees due to inadequate follow-up and feedback collection. Therefore, employers must take an active role in making corporate training programs effective to make sure the money spent on training is worthwhile.

Here are 5 common mistakes that employers make while delivering training programs and ways to avoid these mistakes to achieve a high return on investment. 

Inadequate Research & Preparation

When employers think about designing a training program, they get so caught up in the logistics that they forget other vital aspects of it. This leads to a less impactful learning process and low knowledge retention among employees. 

To avoid this mistake, it is necessary to build a checklist of the things that require to be done and communicate with employees to let them know what to expect out of the training program. Having backup presentations and materials is vital so that even when the logistics fall short you can still pull through. 

Planning For Different Learning Methods

One of the crucial aspects of corporate training programs is engaging employees. Different candidates have different learning needs and styles. Therefore, customizing training content according to your team’s needs will guarantee optimum results. 

You can improve engagement by using micro-learning and embedding AI into your training to build an individualized learning experience. You may also use asynchronous learning via online video courses that employees can complete on their own time. 

Therefore, as an employer, it is your responsibility to figure out how to deliver appropriate training to your employees to create the maximum impact. 

Unable To Gather Regular Training Feedback 

Building an efficient system to collect employee feedback on corporate training courses is essential for delivering a personalized content framework for effective learning. It is necessary to organize the training metrics to get an estimate of how your employees are navigating the present learning process. 

To start, you should implement feedback forms into the training process and gather anonymous feedback so employees can share their thoughts freely without any inhibitions. Give your employees enough time to fill in these forms so they do not feel rushed and can share with you their honest opinions and views without any fear of judgment. 

Unable To Adapt To Employee Needs 

This pandemic has taught us that employees have unique needs that require them to be considered. Some employees may struggle with training when you make it too technical by incorporating AI. Therefore, it is crucial to use simple user interfaces and deliver sessions using asynchronous learning.

Besides, the best thing you can do is incorporate the feedback into your corporate training programs to make your employees feel supported in their learning journey. Keep training content engaging with gamification and rewards that can promote motivation and provide employees with a sense of accomplishment. 

Thinking Of Training As An One-Off Event 

Training is for overall development and the materials need to be revised regularly for maximum knowledge and skill retention. However, employers just look into whether the employees are completing training and adopt no method to check the level of information retention. 

Therefore, regularly engaging and upskilling employees and ensuring that the knowledge is applied in day-to-day tasks is the key to remaining competitive. It is necessary to remember that it costs you a lot of money when your employees keep forgetting what you teach them. 


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