Learn Python for Data Science - 9 Essential Steps to Becoming a Python developer

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Python For Data Science– 9 Steps To Become Python Developer

Learn Python for Data Science - 9 Essential Steps to Becoming a Python developer

13 Dec 2021 Admin 1 Data Science

Python is one of the most powerful open-source programming languages for data science. What are the best ways to learn python for data science?

Python for Data Science Training online course is great because it teaches you how to program and use Python and its libraries like NumPy and SciPy.

Data scientists are able to select a specific topic in Python they want to learn, whether it is the basics of programming, data wrangling, or machine learning. Companies are increasingly using Python and thereby Python Developers are in high demand these days.

Let us see the nine essential steps to learning Python, and about Python for Data Science training. Before that, we should know why anyone should learn Python.

Why Learn Python?

Python is a general-purpose programming language that gives you access to a wide range of libraries, tools, and frameworks.

This language has gained popularity in the data science field in recent years. There are many reasons why companies are adopting Python for their data science projects.

Python provides simple, readable code which is easy to debug and modify. It is also great for beginners because of its interactive shell, which enables developers to quickly play with different codes and test hypotheses. Additionally, the Python programming language has a rich library of open-source packages that can be used for data analysis, machine learning, etc.

9 Essential Steps To Learning Python – Become Python Developer

Python is increasingly becoming a favorite among Data Science professionals. It is easy to learn, highly adaptable, and offers a lot of flexibility for your projects.

Here are 9 Essential Steps to learning Python:

Learn the basics of Python

Python has a simple syntax and involves simple language. Hence, its program is easy to understand, read, and write. First, learn the fundamentals to begin with Python.

Understand Various Data Structures in Python

After learning the basics, you need to understand various data structures, such as lists, strings, sets, and dictionaries. You use this to write Python code and it will help you understand how all things work in Python.

Learn how to utilize Python in Data

It includes writing and reading files with Python. In addition, learn to use pandas - read, work, and store data.

Master the fundamentals of language

Learn the basics of the language and more about conditions such as if-else, functions, for, while loops, and recursion. You should also learn in Python about classes, objects, and packages.

Learn Data Analysis

Learn to analyze and understand data with different Python libraries. This includes NumPy, Panda, several functions, SciPy, and ML methods.

Enroll in Python for Data Science Training

LearNow offers the best Python for Data Science training for learners. It helps to improve your learning. Register for this course – engage yourself and gain practical experience by completing tasks.

Learn Python Libraries

With the help of Python for Data Science training, you will learn about various libraries including NumPy, Panda, SciPy, scikit-learn, Matplotlib, and more that focus on data science.

Understand Data Visualization concepts

Python offers several options for selecting a library for data visualization. To become a Python Developer, you must learn to visualize data.

Work on real-time projects

In Python for Data Science training & Certification, you also participate in industry-based projects to improve your data science and Python skills.


Most would agree that the Python language is great for data science. However, not everyone has enough knowledge or time to learn it on their own. So, LearNow offers Python for Data Science training online to help you improve your skills. Fortunately, data science jobs are plentiful and the demand for Python developers is high.

The average salary for a Python developer ranges between $58,000 and $107,000 as per glassdoor.com. After reading this article you would have some idea about why to learn Python and use it in data science projects.

In short, Python is an important language for data scientists to learn. If you are looking to begin your career in data science, then learn python by signing up in Python for Data Science training at LearNow.


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