What Are The Pre-requisites For The Six Sigma Black Belt Course?

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What Are The Pre-requisites For The Six Sigma Black Belt Course?

What Are The Pre-requisites For The Six Sigma Black Belt Course?

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Obtaining a Six Sigma Black Belt Training can be very rewarding for your career. The knowledge, skills, and prestige associated with this course level can help you climb to the top of the board of your current company. In addition, you can become a much more attractive candidate in front of other employers. However, you must be ready to invest your time and energy in this learning process. For this reason, it is worth exploring what is required for the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification.

About the SSBB Certification

The Certification is suitable for senior technical positions such as:

  1. Senior management 

  2. Team leaders

  3. Software professionals

  4. Project managers

  5. Quality assurance engineers

  6. Management students

Black Belt requires the completion of two Six Sigma Projects. The completed project must focus on process changes that lead to statistically important improvements.

Examples of a Six Sigma Black Belt project include lowering the cost of processing invoices or shortening employment time.

The Black Belt certification includes a four-hour exam and 150 questions. You can attain it from two leading governing bodies – ASQ and IASSC.

Requirements To Get SSBB Certification

To attain SSBB Certification Training professionals need two signed certificate projects or an entire signed certificate project and three years of work experience in one or more areas of the Six Sigma knowledge base.

Work experience should be full-time employment. Paid internships, collaborative or other courses must not get included in the work experience requirement.

To become a Six Sigma Black Belt Expert, in addition to experience, you need a few more functions, including:

  1. Innovative thinking

  2. Ability to understand customer requirements and expectations

  3. Effective communication

  4. Management and leadership skills to achieve tangible financial results for the company.

Six Sigma Black Belt Training Skills


To become an SSBB, you must receive appropriate training before taking the Certification Examination. Training in this regard is generally available to applicants who have already completed an SSGB certification or have relevant business process management experience.

While it is possible to enroll in the Six Sigma Black Belt training without obtaining Green Belt Certification, you can make the training and certification process much easier in the long run.

Six Sigma Black Belt courses cover the same areas of knowledge as Green Belt courses but require attendees to have greater mastery and understanding. They also apply more complex concepts and calculations.

After completing the Six Sigma Black Belt training, you will be able to adapt the Six Sigma principles to any business situation, create the right goals and develop coherent action plans to achieve them.


What Benefits Will You Get From The Six Sigma Black Belt Training At LearNow?


If you are attending LearNow’s online SSBB training course, you have many advantages:

  • Gain valuable expert knowledge and insights on the principles/application of Lean Six Sigma.

  • Watch lectures, take courses, and attend exams on a schedule anytime, anywhere.

  • Easily communicate with mentors and other participants via online message boards, live chats, e-mail.

  • Attend 32-hrs of interactive live sessions.

  • Prepare yourself for the industry's 100% online Six Sigma certification exams.

  • Get certified upon successful completion of the Six Sigma Black Belt certification program.


Once you have decided that Six Sigma Black Belt Certification is the right choice, the next step is to find the right training provider. Turning traditional training into a full-time job can be difficult.

For this reason, many professionals have turned to LearNow’s 100% online training and certification programs. LearNow offers in-depth Lean and Six Sigma Black Belt Training through hands-on certification courses that prepare you for industry-recognized certification.

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