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Give your career a boost and count the number of job opportunities by attending certified scrum product owner certification training classes with us. Our wish is to make you a very talented product owner, the person who makes the right technical decisions, promotes better communication and motivates their agile team to deliver high-quality results within the specified deadline. 


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Key Features For Certified Scrum Product Owner
  • 2 days online training 

  • Earn 16 PDUs and SEUs 

  • 2 year Scrum Alliance membership 

  • Get trained by globally renowned Certified Scrum Trainers (CST) 

  • Exercise and Assignments to get hands on scrum practices 

  • Get certified on 2nd day 


Benefits of Scrum Product Owner Certification

There has been a huge surge in the popularity of Agile and Scrum in project management in the last few years. Almost every organization is adapting Agile and Scrum project management practices as they are beneficial for the business.


Agile practices facilitate smooth communication between team members and stake holders. The scrum concepts assist team members to identify and understand the vision to deliver high-quality products and services. All this means that there will be a huge requirement for professionals who are certified in these scientific project management practices.


The top benefit of taking up a project owner certification is that you will have a great scope for career development. CSPO certification training will help you learn the core concepts and principles of Scrum project management and its applications.


You will learn to manage your project and team better and deliver consistent results. The training will also help you gain leadership skills, which will help you advance your career path. Whether you want to go up the ladder in your current organization or find a good position in the domain of project management, this product owner training will help you find the right path.

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Requirements for CSPO Certification

There are no prerequisites for taking up this certification program. Professionals who are interested in learning Scrum methodologies and want to go into project management can take up this product owner training program.

Why Take Certified Scrum Product Owner Certification Training with Us?

LearnNow is the leading company for learning the best online IT training courses in which CSPO (Certified Scrum Product Owner) certification training is one of them. When you get training from us, we will provide you with so many benefits and ensure you to make the talent that people desire for their company. Remember that knowledge is the powerful weapon that you can use to be a game-changer in the role of product owner for managing the agile teams of different industry verticals. 

Access to Handy Resources

If you want to get the highest certified scrum product owner salary, then you need to check out our handy resources first. It includes articles, tutorials, case studies, interview-based questions answers. Our materials get updated as per the trends of agile industries. 

Proven Experience to Scrum Communities & Practitioners 

We value your time and money. That’s why we want you to connect with only knowledgeable and experienced scrum professionals and communities who will help you to enhance your practical knowledge in the scrum. They will train you on leadership skills and help you know the importance of scrum project management, project teams, scrum applications to deliver consistent results to your customers. 

24/7 Learning Support 

We organize monthly webinars, in-class activities, conferences, e-books to advance your career with certified scrum product owner training. The faster you learn with us, the more chances you will get to place in reputed companies for serving your position as a product owner.  

Course Curriculum
Basics of Scrum

·        The basics of scrum cover the core concepts of the scrum framework, the scrum flow, and the scrum vocabulary.

·        Give you a comprehensive understanding of scrum work culture or work environment. 

·        Provides teaching on the legs or principles of empirical management process control. 

Different position roles and responsibilities

·        A brief explanation of the scope of product owner roles and their job duties. 

·        High-level of teaching on the scope of both ScrumMaster and team roles with their responsibilities explained. 

·        Understand the scrum to handle the previous duties of the project manager through the positions of product owner, team, and scrum master. 

·        Teach you on how tasks allocate to the agile product manager or the owner of the project manager to reduce cost and risks from the product. 

Knowledge of Meaningful Agile Product Vision

·        Help you understand the way to define the purpose of a product, the aim of the product for both users and customers. 

·        Provide awareness of the product vision qualities. 

·        Teaching on several techniques to create the vision. 

·        You’ll get a chance to know the main difference between the vision and the product roadmap. 

Scrum Estimation Tricks & Techniques

·        Teach the purpose of estimating in the scrum and one or more estimating levels for product backlog items. 

·        You’ll understand why providing accuracy to an estimate is much more critical than the estimate precision. 

·        Guide you on the size and duration estimation. 

·        An introduction to how to analyze the impact of pressure on team members while providing low estimates. 

·        You will get to know the major difference between committing and estimating.

Gain Information on Product Backlog

·        There is a difference between the scrum product backlog and the agile product backlog that you will clear during our course. 

·        Teach you essential steps to groom the product backlog. 

Product Backlog Prioritization Importance & Techniques

·        Covered topics on the product backlog prioritization, importance, and its benefits for agile software development. 

·        Understanding of the multiple factors and practical ways to do proper prioritization of a product backlog. 

·        Explanation of the people who can engage in prioritization decisions. 

·        You’ll study the number of ways to apply formal strategies to prioritization. 

·        Helps you recognize the latitude or how much flexibility your teams can get to adjust the sequence of work. 

Clarification on Release Management Process

·        Clear your doubts on the goal of release management. 

·        Analysis of the flow of the release management, plus give you an understanding of why planning, controlling, and scheduling, and testing is needed for projects. 

·        We will help you grab the information on why quality is fixed and when software becomes expensive and brittle. 

·        A session on the technical debt and the early-stage release of the software. 

·        An overview of velocity measurement and release burndown chart in the scrum. 

·        Fully-explain how a release plan helps predict the future. 

Role of Sprints in Agile

·        You will analyze the product owner’s role in the Scrum meetings. 

·        Teaching on how the development team and the product owner maintains an interactive collaboration during the sprint. 

·        Clear other concepts of sprints like the meaning of team commitment, the idea of sustainable pace, and assist you in the understanding of timeboxed and protected sprints. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Q. Which training is best for Product Owners?
The certified scrum product owner and advanced accredited scrum product owner training specially organized for the people interested in going to the field of product owners.
Q. What is the average salary for certified scrum product owner certification in India and globally.
In India, the average salary for certified scrum product owner certification is about Rs. 1,707,278. As per the Economic Research Institute, the data reveals that the average pay scale of a scrum product owner in the United States is between $76,537 and $130,197
Q. Who is better - Scrum Product Owner or Scrum Product Master?
Both the roles are better in their own way. The scrum product owner aims to lead the agile teams and take care of product backlogs to make the product successful. However, the purpose of the scrum master is to address the issues and protect the team from external distractions and interruptions. The certified training is essential for both the scrum product owner and the scrum product master from the Scrum Alliance.
Q. What are the top countries hiring for scrum product owners?
The top countries for scrum product owner jobs are the United States, Australia, Singapore, Canada, United Kingdom, New Zealand, China, India, South Africa, etc.
Q. What is the validity of the Certified Scrum Product Owner course?
According to the Scrum Alliance, the validity for the certified scrum product owner course for two years from the date of issue.
Q. Is there any eligibility criteria to become a trained scrum product owner?
There are no preconditions or eligibility criteria to become a certified scrum product owner. It is the customized course offered by LearnNow for all professionals interested in working as a freelance scrum product owner or full-time agile scrum product owner from Indian to international companies.
Q. What are the two essential certifications as a product owner?
The two most essential certifications when starting as the product owner are Professional Scrum Product Owner I (PSPO I) by Scrum.org and Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) training by Scrum Alliance.
Q. What are the job roles and responsibilities of a certified scrum product owner?
Explore the roles and responsibilities of a trained product owner below: Defining and prioritizing the features of the product. Accepting or rejecting work results. Generating the value of a product. Adjusting the functions and priority as per the requirement of each sprint. Stay updated to customers regarding the project status and get their feedback.
Q. Does Scrum Alliance offer live online CSPO certification course sessions?
Yes, the Scrum Alliance offers live online CSP certification training. You can join the classes from the comfort of your homes and have an energetic experience of rigorous learning and can interact with certified Scrum trainers.