Six Sigma yellow belt certification training has been there since the 1980s, and from then to now, it continues to grow more and more in terms of popularity. It has come up as no less than a viable solution for enterprises wanting to reduce variability and waste in production.

In the times of hastily-growing technologies and constant agile innovations, many employers are seeking candidates having this six sigma yellow belt certification.


Amazing Facts on Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification 


  • Six sigma yellow belt certification methodology is immensely popular because of its DMAIC frameworks, which seem to work great in business workings.
  • Research and recent studies show that certified lean six sigma belt holders earn way more than those who are at non-certified counters.
  • All a person needs to get this certification done – dedication, time, and real efforts to study and complete the training successfully.

Considering pursuing this six sigma yellow belt certification but unsure how to proceed and what to do and what not to? Don’t you worry, this definitive guide is curated to help you!


Introduction To Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification


Introduction To Six Sigma Yellow Belt 


Today in an ultra-smart time, it takes a lot from one’s end to stay ahead of competitors and other opponents. The most effective means to ensure quality performance with increased productivity is by making certain that your business process has no or least errors in it. Or else the risk of failure and loss increases on the proportional side.

That’s when six sigma methodologies are embedded in the business process to eradicate errors from the process while enhancing customer satisfaction and quality results. This revolutionary method is focused on making constant improvements by removing the waste and inaccurate inputs & makes the business process flawless.

Nevertheless, every business requires a business project manager that has a vital role to play in the business. And of course, there are some skills that he/she must inherit to work efficiently at their place. Six sigma yellow belt certification can validate these skills and give much-needed fuel to your abilities to handle projects and business work.



Pursue Training & Get Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification


One must proceed ahead and consider getting the certification done for the following reasons –

  • This way, you will be able to become a vital plus valuable asset for the company you are being employed at.
  • Holding this certification gives some extent of job security over those with no certifications
  • Passing the exam with flying colors and holding this certification increases the odds of getting better salary packages in the business employment world
  • Six sigma yellow belt holders tend to play an extremely supportive job role in the business and contribute to it. These professionals are liable to gather data from all sources and apply problem-solving tactics to come up with effective outcomes.

Six sigma yellow belt certification professionals’ traces, governs, and watch out for likely financial loss and report the same to their senior in the organization.


Pursue Training & Get Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certificationss


Experience required for six sigma yellow belt certification 


  • To get yellow belt certified, a person has to know the right means of using metrics and tools of six sigma. This aids firm in setting goals and meet user expectations within the establishment.
  • The successful completion of this certification requires a year of full-time working expertise in the role of six sigma yellow belt body of knowledge. Probably the best part is – no educational waivers are required.

Examination for Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification


It is mandatory for every single candidate to pass the written exam having multiple questions in order to get certified.

Exam structure for six sigma yellow belt exam


  • 40 multiple-choice questions
  • One each mark for the correct answer
  • No negative marking for any wrong attempt
  • One hour duration to complete it
  • Answering 28 questions correctly to pass it
  • Online un-proctored examination

It takes a lot of effort, dedication, understanding, and preparation to pass the examination, and once each of these elements are added to it, no one can stop anyone from passing the examination and getting six sigma yellow belt certification.


Tips to Prepare and Pass Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification


Tips to Prepare and Pass Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification


Following mentioned below are some tips that one must incorporate to increase chances of passing the yellow belt six sigma examination.


1. Practice online tests and see where you stand

In order to get certified, one has to pass the MCQ examination. However, before you take it, make sure to test your knowledge on your own by participating in online practice questions. This will be one of the best means to hone your skills and ensure you have developed sounds knowledge of six sigma concepts.


2. Use lean six sigma study guide

There are a diverse range of study guides available online to help you prepare for examination; make sure to refer them for your preparation. Too often, these study guides consist of all comprehensive concepts in them, with important concepts, exam papers, and practice questions. Referring to them will certainly assist you to a great extent.


3. Pursue six sigma yellow belt training course 

Six sigma yellow belt courses online are intended to give as many skills and knowledge about its concepts as they can, making a person use those concepts in real-time conditions in the business world.

The benefits one will experience after pursuing this training are immense. Hence, it is highly recommended to pursue a training course from a reputable source to increase the odds of passing it with flying colors.


4. Do enough self-study & preparation 

Pursuing a course online and not studying anything afterward is not going to help you pass the examination. You need to take some extra time and invest it in doing some self-study and ensuring you are completely prepared about it. Just remember, hard work always pays off, and once you put your dedication to it – eventually, you will fetch amazing results.


5. Join yellow belt forums online 

Since the nature of project management is wide and broad, there are innumerable discussions and forums that you may find online – with diverse levels. Just make sure to participate in that as it will put you in a great position to crack the exam with utmost efficiency.



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