Every day we hear news about projects that involve Advanced Data Science and new AI advancement made in various parts of the world. The business leaders in the AI industry have worked to turn the ideas of Sci-fi movies into reality. We can now see driverless cars on the road, smart homes powered by AI, or other NLP examples in everyday use like e-Mail filters and smart assistants like Amazon’s Alexa or Apple’s Siri. But is AI actually worth the hype all around the world? Why is it that ambitious youngsters want to grab their Certificate in Advanced Data Science Course?  

According to Gartner, the IT department’s number of AI jobs has tripled between 2015 and 2019. Also, the most substantial demand for AI–skilled Data Scientists comes from the non-IT departments. A recent report by Statista states that the AI job titles are the highest paid jobs in the US as of 2019, with an annual income of around 143 thousand US dollars.

The above stats are evident from our daily life as well. We all have become slaves to our AI devices like Alexa or Google Assistant, and are falling for the genie inside our smart speakers. Humans are social animals, and unlike other living species, we are blessed with the power of speech. That, too, is not restricted to human beings. Machines are programmed to give an intelligent response to your questions. But, their answers are not 100% accurate to answer all the questions asked by humans. A report published by Business Insider in 2018 stated that “Alexa answered informational questions accurately 91% of the time, up from 78% in July.” The information questions are related to general questions, like discovering a country’s population to identifying how long it takes water to freeze.

So, if you ask, “Can AI perform all my tasks as efficiently as I can do?” The answer would be a straight, “No!” But, if the question is, “Can AI simplify my task related to Data handling and analysis?” Then the answer is clearly, “Yes!” AI has techniques to handle such situations effectively and effortlessly. 


What is AI or Artificial Intelligence?



Artificial Intelligence refers to a case where a computer can do anything that would otherwise require human intervention. It includes Machine learning, Planning and scheduling, Game playing, Machine Vision, and of course, NLP. Today, AI is used for Sentiment Analysis, and machines try to imitate human capabilities. But, devices cannot match the ability of a human mind and heart. The response of an engine is quite alienated. 

For example, if you ask a person and a machine to express a specific tweet’s sentiment, the answers will indeed vary. A person will read and understand the whole tweet, whereas a machine would consider the length of the words, their distribution, and the punctuation used. The sentiment analysis can reliably predict the text’s sentiment, which can be used for Advanced Data Science models. Still, human research will give a deeper understanding of the particular text. It is because humans and machines have a different approach to handle things. With increasing data volumes and the growing need for quick and accurate data analytics for better decision-making, we can switch to AI for Big Data Analytics. Businesses must understand the facts, statistics, and data for an effective and result-oriented decision-making process.


Cases where AI plays a crucial role




Look for the following guidelines in your project, and see if AI will play a critical role in it.

  • Can be performed by a human
  • The process is descriptive and formal
  • The solution can be categorized as positive/negative
  • Can be expensive if done by humans
  • Time-consuming
  • Machines can perform the task effectively in a short period

A few examples where AI is significantly used, based on the above guidelines, are online conferences, prediction analysis, summarization of text, etc.


Cases where AI does not help




There a few cases where AI will not be useful, and the social role will be more important than machines. AI is not the best tool in every task and cannot replace human intelligence. There are a few cases where the workflow cannot be defined, and the job cannot be expressed formally. AI needs strict rules for the completion of a task and decision making. Also, the human cost may be negligible for a task compared to the implementation of Advanced Science models.


Benefits of using AI




AI is used to solve problems quickly and helps in better decision making. The following benefits will help you realize the importance of AI in the coming years:

1) Reduced Human Error

2) Overcome human inhibitions and take risks

3) Available 24/7

4) Performing Repetitive Tasks

5) Digital Assistance for social interaction

6) Quicker Decision making

7) Used in Daily Applications

8) Emoweirng Innovative developments


Drawbacks of using AI




Like they say, “There are two sides of a coin”, people are sceptical about the increasing popularity of AI in the industry. The disadvantages of using AI are:

1) Creation needs huge investment

2) Human learning and working capabilities may stagnate

3) Threat to employment

4) No Emotional bond with humans

5) Machines can’t think Out of Box 

Like every new development in technology, AI has massive potential advantages but may threaten human development. But, we must realize that the “rising robots” can no-way enslave the human race.

One of the major concerns these days is that automation will replace human resources and threaten the workforce. But, organizations and business leaders are working in this direction and using the social intelligence of their resources for other creative tasks. It will also take a lot of time for humans to build complete trust in machines and AI. Of course, one can afford to buy and rely on a driverless car, but it will take at least a decade for people to board a driverless bus.

Over the years, the demand for a Certificate in Advanced Data Science Course has increased tremendously, and there are many job opportunities in various industries. Netflix, Intel, Google, and Microsoft have made the most investments in AI startups. Microsoft, Nvidia, ServiceNow, DocuSign are leading AI companies.  


The AI hype is real




With many organizations adopting AI and Advanced data science models for their business operations, the AI hype is justifiable. Our fascination with scientific fiction movies is becoming a reality. AI is silently operating a large section of the businesses and astonishing the users with its unimaginable intelligence. AI brings along a lot of excitement, but we should be realistic and understand the real prospects.

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