How To Create A Sustainable Learning Culture In The Workplace?

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How To Create A Sustainable Learning Culture In The Workplace?

18 May 2022 Admin 0 Leadership

In this competitive corporate environment, the difference between failure and success is an enabler for an organization’s growth and development. The recent job postings have an emerging trend where we see employers are looking for new skills compared to what was previously requested. 

So what is this factor that determines business success? According to a survey conducted by Gallup, employee agility is one of the top skills required for professional growth. Corporate training courses lie at the heart of sustainable learning to make your employees capable of adapting to this fast-changing environment. 

Meaning Of Sustainable Learning 

Sustainable learning involves a specific learning culture that incorporates the principles of continuous learning and improvement for achieving organizational objectives. By building a culture of iterative learning employees will retain all the desirable knowledge and skills needed to complete their daily tasks efficiently. Enrolling in top corporate training programs for sustainable learning can lead to 15% more employee engagement and 22% higher employee productivity. 

Role Of Corporate Training Courses In Sustainable Learning 

The human brain is a complex organ. Our memory helps us to recollect stored information that evokes powerful emotions. However, memories also weaken as time passes. This is known as the forgetting curve.

Similarly, a part of the knowledge and information you pass to your employees is also lost in this process. Corporate training programs are designed in a way to support iterative learning for maximum retention. 

One such strategy we are promoting at Learnow is using short and crisp content through 90-minute online training sessions regularly to overcome the forgetting curve. Thereby, conducting follow-up sessions for revision to establish a sustainable learning ecosystem fueling maximum information retention.  

7 Ways To Create A Sustainable Learning Environment 

Do you want to know how vital it is to establish a steady learning culture? According to a survey conducted by IBM, 85% of employees in top global MNCs are receiving corporate training for continuous learning & improvement. 

Moreover, 80% of business leaders think corporate training courses are imperative for project success and can yield 22% higher productivity when implemented correctly. 

Are you ready to establish a continuous learning environment in your organization? Let's discuss the top 7 strategies to create a sustainable learning culture. 

  • Learning Should Be The Top Priority 

The learning process should start right after employee onboarding and be maintained using a routine. Employers should promote structured learning through corporate training programs by using a combination of online and on-spot coaching for powerful impact. 

  • Aligning Learning With Company Goals & Objectives 

Sustainable learning helps your employees to imbibe new skills but it is also necessary to integrate these learnings into the working model. The best way to do that is by aligning training with the company's strategies and goals for obtaining desirable results in the long run. 

  • Establish Yourself As A Leader

If you want to promote sustainable learning you need to lead from the front by setting an example. It is the responsibility of the management to set the tone for the employees by inspiring, engaging, and motivating them to participate in the continuous learning process. You need to initiate, direct and invest in the training programs to set an example for your team members. 

  • Set Aside Time For Learning 

Your employees may have multiple meetings to attend and many deadlines to meet. But, that should not be used as an excuse to skip training sessions. You need to set aside a fixed schedule for learning so training is not postponed due to any other pressing matters. 

  • Set Training Goals 

Goal setting will emphasize the priority of your organization’s corporate training programs. You need to make your employees aware of the remarkable outcomes of learning and set new goals for them to achieve to prioritize learning and development. 

  • Enable Practical Applications Of Learning 

Sitting through boring class lectures can be frustrating for your employees. Make learning fun and interactive and take measures to ensure your training provides practical uses of knowledge and information. It will engage your employees better and also ensure higher relevance of your training program. 

  • Establish A Reward System 

One of the best ways to engage your employees is by celebrating their achievements. You should recognize the milestones accomplished in your corporate training courses and celebrate when the classroom lessons are applied in the daily tasks at the workplace. 

Focusing On The Future 

45% of employees fear their jobs will become obsolete in the future. By investing in learning and development you are helping your employees overcome their fear and achieve success. 

Moreover, according to a survey conducted by Linked In, 85% of employees trust and value organizations that invest in corporate training programs. Sustainable learning is the only way to enhance current skills and stay competitive for the growth and development of both employees and the organization. 

To know more about the benefits of corporate training, visit us at Our trained industry experts are here to guide you through your learning and development journey! 


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