Is Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Course Worth Doing?

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Is Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Course Worth Doing?

Is Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Course Worth Doing?

19 Aug 2021 Admin 0 Quality Management

Certification in Six Sigma Green Belt seems exciting and remunerating with vast job opportunities. The Six Sigma Green Belt Training is an intermediate of different levels of 6 Sigma Certification; it continues to be of great significance in the business world. These courses allow applicants to pursue careers with the world's leading companies.

Six Sigma principles are so common that employees trained to apply are often dynamically sought after and highly esteemed. Whether you would like to begin on the Six Sigma Green Belt career path or wish to use Green Belt Certification as a step towards a higher level of expertise, professionals should carefully consider their chances and understand available job options.

Six Sigma Green Belt Training

At this Certification level, you understand advanced analysis and can solve problems that affect quality. Green Belt Experts can run projects and support Black Belts in collecting and analyzing data.

Professional Benefits From Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Course

From the training program, you will learn the following:

  • Managing LSS concepts and guiding teams in an enterprise.

  • Participation in the transformation process as Lean Six Sigma (LSS) Coach/Change Agent.

  • Developing data-driven problem-solving skills.

  • Contributing to the organization's development plans through projects of excellence.

  • Helping the management to define short/long-term development goals (KPI/ROI).

  • Leading team members in collecting, analyzing, and finding relevant data.

  • Develop your skills and advance your career.

  • Improve your project management skills.

  • Reach organizational benefits with Operational Excellence projects.


Career Benefits From Six Sigma Green Belt Training

Highest Salary

The more specialized the knowledge, the higher a person rises on the pay scale. According to payroll figures published by, the salary of CSSGB individuals may be as high as $117,000 or more per year.

Let us see the average salary ranges for few designations of Green Belt Certified Professionals below:

Job Title

Expected Average Salary

Operations Manager


Business Process / Management Consultant


Quality Manager


Quality Assurance Manager


Project Manager


Sr. Operations Manager



Vast Job Opportunities

Typically, high demand offers career development opportunities in the Six Sigma Green Belt. Companies like Honeywell, Dell, Accenture, IBM, Wells Fargo, etc. are actively looking for Six Sigma certified professionals for different positions: Business Process Analyst, Data Scientist, Project Engineer, Lean Six Sigma Consultant, Operating System Specialists, and more.

Leadership Opportunities

Six Sigma Green Belt Certification can differentiate individuals from uncertified applicants who compete for positions that require advanced process management skills. It can also prepare them for higher-level certification if they choose to take leadership roles in an organization.


The certification in Six Sigma is one of the most highly-valued courses. Due to their global nature, Six Sigma Green Belt experts perform the highest paying jobs in the world.

Employers understand the commitment and hard work it takes to become a Certified Six Sigma Professional. As a result, people with Six Sigma Green Belt Certification will benefit more than their peers as companies appreciate the benefits of hiring skilled employees.

This certificate also proves that the individual is a determined, motivated, and skilled leader, which helps them achieve an honorable position in the organization.

With 100% Online Six Sigma Green Belt Training from LearNow, professionals can be well on their way to a rewarding career or opt for advanced certification that contributes to their dream career success.

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