A Glimpse Of Six Sigma Green Belt Course

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A Glimpse Of Six Sigma Green Belt Course

A Glimpse Of Six Sigma Green Belt Course

19 Aug 2021 Admin 0 Quality Management

What Is Six Sigma?

Six Sigma is a management technique to achieve business quality by reducing defects/errors. In addition, it is a set of methods and tools to improve the process. Companies and individuals use the Six Sigma methodology to improve operational efficiency.

Various course levels are available: White, Yellow, Green, Black, Master Black, and Champion.

In that, the Green belt Course indicates the learning of 6 sigma principles and implementation.

What Is Six Sigma Green Belt Training?

Six Sigma Green Belt Course trains and certifies employees so that they can directly involve in Six Sigma projects. This training develops advanced problem-solving skills and teaches you how to use statistical methods to improve your processes.

Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Course provides participants with an overview of the Six Sigma tools and processes necessary to engage in DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control) development projects. This course explains the basic structure of DMAIC. By attending this qualification course, experts can identify problems and customize solutions.

Find Out More About Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Training

Green Belt Experts are skilled team players, and they intend to enhance the quality of the processes. They help to bridge the gap between Six Sigma theory and its actual application. Six Sigma Green Belt candidates play an important role in advancing methodology development, project management, or data evaluation.

The Six Sigma Green Belt certification training teaches participants what methods the project team should use and implement DMAIC skills consistent with the Six Sigma project.

Several providers in the market offer various levels of Six Sigma Certification. But among all, ASQ and IASSC are the best accredited Six Sigma certification bodies.

Eligibility Criteria

  • To qualify for this Green Belt certification, applicants must have a minimum of three years of full-time paid work experience in any of the areas posted on its body of knowledge.


  • There are no prerequisites to attain this Green Belt Certification.

Who Can Apply? 

  • Quality Auditors/Supervisors/ Engineers/ System Managers/ Analysts/ Managers/ Management Students and professionals who like to learn about Six Sigma practices.

Exam Format

For ASQ: Conducts Open book tests

Online Exam: Multiple Choice questions of total 110 with time duration of 4 hrs 18 min. Must give 100 correct answers out of 110.

Offline Exam: Multiple Choice questions of total 100 with time duration of 4 hrs.

For IASSC: Conducts Closed-book Exam

Time Duration: 3 HRS

Total Question: 100 (Multiple Choice Questions, True/False)

Passing score: 70%

How To Get Certified?

Applicants or professionals wishing to be certified must follow the guidelines below:

  • Upon successful completion of the course, applicants must visit the relevant authorities’ websites to buy an exam voucher.

Visit for Exam Voucher: https://asq.org/ and https://iassc.org/

  • Candidates should select the date for the examination of their choice. The exam link will be sent in the mail on exam day.

Course and Exam Costs

  • The course fee for Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Training is 15,000 plus GST

Exam Fee:

For ASQ:

ASQ Members: $338

For Non-Members: $438

Retake Fee: $238


Web-based Exam Voucher: $295

Re-Take Fee: $175

Career Scope after Certification

Some of the most common positions for Certified Six Sigma Green Belt professionals include:

  • Six Sigma Consultant

  • Reliability Engineer 

  • Operating System Specialist 

  • Warehouse Operations Manager

  • Senior IT Project Manager 

  • Project Engineer 

  • Lead Manufacturing Engineer 

  • Compliance Structural Engineer 

  • Business Process Analyst 

  • Data Scientist 

  • Process Development Engineer 

  • Director, Performance Excellence

What Will You Learn From Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Training?

As a certified Green Belt Expert, you have a wide range of skills that will benefit the company you work for. Six Sigma Green Belt training improves the ability to confidently discuss complex topics, effectively solve problems, and provide beneficial recommendations.

  • A certified Green Belt expert can solve complex problems in less time.

  • Six Sigma Green Belt Certification ensures effective project execution and lowers your company's operating costs.

  • Certified Green Belt experts help to offer better quality products and services and ensure customer loyalty.

  • With Six Sigma Green Belt certification, you can have the ability to keep your business ahead of the competition.

  • Find out how Six Sigma can help your business.

  • Learn all about the Six Sigma steps of the DMAIC method and learn to practice the tools of each step.

  • Apply learning and data collection skills.

  • Explore problem-solving, continuous improvement of methods, and change organization to facilitate smooth implementation of processes.


If you are looking for a career in quality management, Six Sigma Green Belt Certification is the perfect way to go. The course is highly self-paced, online, and certification has no expiration date. Let's start with the intermediate level - the Certified Six Sigma Green Belt (CSSGB) training. Join TODAY! Get certified in on an average 2-7 weeks.

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