Reimagining The World Of Corporate Learning In A Virtual Environment

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Reimagining The World Of Corporate Learning In A Virtual Environment

04 Aug 2022 Admin 0 Leadership

The pandemic has changed the way we learn, and many adjustments are being made in the field of learning that has resulted in many changes in Corporate Training Programs. Before it was all about boring PPTs with slides that just gave out information in a classroom and the only affirmation of having understood the topic was nodding yes at the end of the training. All this has changed with the inclusion of e-learning, video-based learning, action learning, etc which have made corporate training courses more exciting and made young professionals eager to learn.

Highly targeted Leadership Training Programs help organizations develop and enrich their workforce with the right skill sets and expertise.

Today's learning and development (L&D) professionals have a plethora of tactics up their sleeves to adapt to the ever-changing needs of both learners and the ways corporate Leadership Courses online are being designed.

L&D professionals have now entered a new world with unlimited options to engage learners in corporate training courses through e-learning, video-based learning, microlearning, gaming, action learning, social learning, and a never-ending list of new trends.

Moreover, these new trends have allowed a variety of training like augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) in corporate learning to grab the center stage in the immersive learning field. 

Why is Traditional Learning Ineffective? 

Many corporate learning environments are infused with inflexible learning techniques. A post-evaluation questioning if the participants liked the class was the ultimate measure of how a Leadership Development Program performed. If the participation was maximum, it was deemed a success.

Several studies from the realm of education found that lecture-style training did not have the anticipated impact when looking at the entire training process and assessing if it caused knowledge transfer and behavior change.

Professionals now want some unique way of learning which has social integration, and scenario-based learning in the real world. Corporate training programs are being designed to suit these needs.

The pandemic has caused governments, organizations, and businesses in a variety of industries to relocate to a virtual environment and build online initiatives to work while keeping their employees healthy and safe which has given rise to corporate training online.

How Is Virtual Affecting The World Of Corporate Learning?

AR (Augmented Reality) -

AR has the potential to create L&D solutions that genuinely immerse people in what they're learning. AR learning can enable learners to move around and interact with the subject instead of being confined to a seat or desk. Learners' knowledge retention increases dramatically when training is interesting and experiential like this.

In the workplace, AR can be utilized to create totally new learning experiences or to supplement existing training programs. Corporate Training or Leadership Courses are now being designed in this way to make learning exciting and interactive.

You're in your own real-world environment with virtual features including pictures, labels, sounds, and even sensations thanks to AR technology. This creates an additional layer of interaction between your physical and virtual worlds.

This allows new hires to look at crucial information while training with new equipment via their wearable device.

VR (Virtual Reality) -

Virtual reality has the potential to be a very interesting and engrossing experience that can provide significant learning and development opportunities.

One advantage of employing virtual reality is the ability to give high-quality training with less risk to employees.

Traditionally, company L&D has relied mainly on talks or audio-visual presentations. Employees, on the other hand, are only likely to remember 5% of what they heard during such training programs and 20 percent of the total of what they see according to research.

The solution is in the way the human brain gathers and organizes new data. Because VR engages several senses at the same time, it is a highly effective learning tool.

Final Thoughts

The only way to be successful is constantly learning and aligning it with company goals, personal development, and making the correct learning choices to facilitate growth.

Online learning platforms have become immensely popular and using these technologies to create courses that guide young professionals to ride this new way of futuristic learning and working in sync.

Corporate learning is becoming immensely popular and has special courses to help you in the journey of being a distinguished professional, visit their website to know more.

Our highly targeted and immersive Leadership Development Program can motivate, train and hone the already existing leadership skills of your talented workforce. Get in touch with us and reap the benefits.
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