Six Sigma Black Belt - Benefits And How To Get Certified?

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Six Sigma Black Belt - Benefits And How To Get Certified?

21 Aug 2021 Admin 0 Quality Management

Are you someone with the ambition to take up a managerial position in your company? Would you like to be accepted as a change agent that improves the quality of your business? Are you looking for better career prospects and good pay packages?

Globally, one of the most popular and desired certifications for any individual/professional is the Six Sigma Black Belt Certification.

It can be a breakthrough in your career. It can help change your career path and provide valuable high-paying opportunities around the world.

What Is Six Sigma Black Belt Certification?

Six Sigma Black Belt Certification is a certificate for an individual well-versed in the Lean Six Sigma methodology and its DMAIC model. The training also helps individuals in understanding team dynamics, leadership and gives the person the ability to delegate tasks to team members.


How To Get Certified As A Six Sigma Black Belt Expert?

Once you decide that Six Sigma Black Belt certification is the right choice, the next step is to find supportive training. Many professionals have turned to LearNow’s 100% online training and certification programs.

LearNow offers in-depth Lean and Six Sigma training through hands-on certification courses that prepare you for industry-recognized certification. All LearNow’s courses and certification programs are available online.

To become a Six Sigma Black Belt, LearNow gives you the appropriate body of knowledge (BOK) training based on two accredited bodies - ‘ASQ’ and ‘IASSC’ before taking the Certification Examination.

Black Belt Certification From IASSC

After successful completion of training, purchase the exam voucher by paying $395 on the website.

To obtain the IASSC-Certified Black Belt (IASSC-CBB) title, applicants must take the examination and score a minimum of 70%.

There are no prerequisites required to pass the IASSC Certified Six Sigma Black Belt Examination. However, those wishing to take the exam can take Six Sigma Black Belt training at a qualified institute like LearNow.

IASSC recommends that exam participants have some hands-on experience working with Lean Six Sigma implementation projects.

Black Belt Certification From ASQ

Attend LearNow’s Black Belt training and equip yourself for the exam with case studies, comprehensive video tutorials, and practice mock ASQ tests. After completing the course, purchase the exam voucher on the website, for Non-ASQ Members: ₹37,660 and for ASQ Members: ₹30,660.

Six Sigma Black Belt (SSBB) Certification exam from ASQ asks for one completed project with a signed affidavit. Three years of industry experience in one or more areas of the SSBB knowledge base. You do not need an SSGB Certification to appear for the ASQ- CSSBB exam.

You will receive the certification on an average time of 2-8 weeks.

Benefits Of Attaining Six Sigma Black Belt Certification

People with black belts get trained to significantly increase organizational performance and productivity. Below are some of the benefits of Black Belt certification.

  • The certification will help in expanding your technical skills.

  • SSBB certification can help you become a Change Agent and increase your value in the workplace.

  • A skillful black belt specialist is an asset to the company. They can achieve a measurable increase in profitability and sales.

  • It allows you to use the application of the DAMIC methodology.

  • The Black Belt certification offers many career opportunities.

  • The CSSBB Experts can also work as Yellow and Green Belt Trainers.

  • As per the report from, the expected average salary of a Six Sigma Black Belt certified employee can range from $ 104,600 to $ 131,400.


Many companies employ six Sigma experts and the certification helps increase your chances of finding that dream job. When you mention Black Belt certification in your CV, it proves that you are showing your commitment to improving the business. This, in turn, leads to more job openings with good wages. For more course details, please visit our website:

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