Does Six Sigma Black Belt Increase Your Salary?

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Does Six Sigma Black Belt Increase Your Salary?

Does Six Sigma Black Belt Increase Your Salary?

21 Aug 2021 Admin 1 Quality Management

Are you moving from one job to another and looking for a long-term solution to create a growing source of income? The best long-term solution is to learn new skills and rise to the next level.

Not able to decide if the Six Sigma Black Belt Certification is worth it? To justify the time and effort required, explore the potential full-time career opportunities offered by certification. According to PayScale, the average Six Sigma Black Belt salary averages between INR 7,75,746 and INR 25,77,849 per year.

Be aware that those with experience in improving processes, quality, or leadership may get paid more than those listed in this article. Continue reading to get an overview of few of the popular Six Sigma Black Belt careers and their salaries.

Some Popular Six Sigma Black Belt Careers And Salaries

Program Manager

As a Program Manager, you oversee several related projects. Stakeholders, budget, resources, procurement, and schedule management are some of the responsibilities associated with this role.

The IT Program Manager earns $111,598 per year, based on data provided by PayScale.

Operational Excellence Leader

Operational Excellence leaders strive to improve the culture and productivity of the company. A significant aspect of this role is that it contributes positively to the business culture.

According to Glassdoor, this role reaches a six-figure figure of $101,018 per year.


As a director, they are the spokesperson for your team and also responsible for making management decisions. This role is the communication bridge between the company's management and team members.

Glassdoor researched on each of these positions and found annual salary as below:

Quality Executives earn - $115,545.

Process Engineering Directors - $141,946.

Project Management Directors - $102,669.

Six Sigma Specialist

Six Sigma specialist has no leadership responsibilities but focuses on everything related to the methods used, making him an expert in the field. Glassdoor estimates the average salary for this position is $88,423 per year.

Business Consultant

Consultants advise on the company's overall strategy and help managers make decisions based on market research. Well-known consulting firms include the Boston Consulting Group, McKinsey Company, PricewaterhouseCoopers, and Deloitte.

PayScale determined that the average annual salary for this position is $73,361, and ranges from $47,000 to $1,29,000.

Continuous Improvement Manager

Continuous improvement managers also occupy a managerial position, which requires them to design and conduct process improvement events to engage and empower employees. According to, the average salary is $90,816.

Business Process Analysts

After Black Belt Certification, business process analysts are responsible for identifying recurring quality audits; this ensures that employees follow the processes and deliver the desired product/result.

In terms of salary, calculates an average salary of $75,301.

Project Manager in IT Industry

Black Belt Certification provides project management opportunities in various industries. However, due to the mathematical and practical Six Sigma approach, it is used more in IT. The task of this role is to implement projects in line with the company's strategy. reports that the average salary for this role is $87,940.

Final Thoughts

Six Sigma Black Belt Certification opens many opportunities for new and experienced professionals.

The demand for Black Belt specialists will continue to grow. Companies need to innovate and thrive in today's rapidly changing business environment.

With a minimum five-digit salary on this list and a maximum salary in the six-digit range, a Six Sigma Black Belt Certification will pay for itself within a few months. Time to open books and join the training program to dramatically increase your income!

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