Career Scope For Six Sigma Black Belt Certification

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Career Scope For Six Sigma Black Belt Certification

Career Scope For Six Sigma Black Belt Certification

21 Aug 2021 Admin 0 Quality Management

For many Six Sigma projects, Black Belt Experts are the key players. What additional options does SSBB background offer you? What are the best prospects for your professional development? If your CV highlights Black Belt certification, you can increase your chances of finding a job.

What separates you from other job seekers is your Black Belt Certification. It will allow you to earn a high salary and enjoy more career opportunities.

Well! You will get a clear idea here as we take a quick look at where to apply for Certified Six Sigma Black Belt (CSSBB) training.


What Is The Six Sigma Black Belt (SSBB) Certification?

SSBB holders are change agents in any organization, and today most employers strive to achieve the zero-defect goal. You are well acquainted with the principles and tools of Six Sigma - DMAIC. You often work as project managers, guiding your team members to quality changes and helping the company achieve its peak of success through customer satisfaction.

As a CSSBB, you can work as certified Black Belt instructors who train staff and change the organizational culture. You can also work as business analysts and process improvement experts.

The Industries That Need Six Sigma Black Belt Professionals

All are aware that companies want to improve their processes. Six Sigma Black Belt experts help companies achieve this goal. Businesses and organizations are looking for Six Sigma Black Belt Certification holders for better performance and competitive advantage. It benefits the enterprises in the following ways:


  • Increases the productivity of the organization.

  • Reduces the cost of errors, waste, and follow-ups.

  • Increases the efficiency of the process.

  • Supports employee processes.

  • Increases customer satisfaction.

  • Transforms organization into data-driven one.

  • Strengthens your employees.

For this purpose, people with Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification are valuable. There are individuals in every industry, from information technology to engineering to media companies, to streamline their processes, avoid errors and losses by completing SSBB Certification training.

Few CSSBB Career Path by Job Roles

Six Sigma focuses on improving performance through statistical analysis as well as other skills such as lean manufacturing, leadership, and management. These skills are in great demand in many companies and job openings for them are amazing.

Here are just a few career paths in the Six Sigma Black Belt:

Senior Project Manager

Candidates usually have experience in technical product development and project management. So, the SSBB certification brings credibility to the job position. Additionally, Lean and DMAIC experience adds value. Some of their tasks include:

  • Managing internal and external resources.

  • Developing and adhering to risk management plans.

  • Supporting the steps in the value-added process.

  • Monitoring key performance indicators.

  • Instructing team members to achieve their capabilities.

Quality Assurance Manager

Professionals should have experience with quality management systems and relevant senior management experience. This role requires deeply developed interpersonal and interaction skills with Six Sigma Black Belt certification.

The main tasks include the development and coordination of operating systems between companies and customers. So, the manager has to monitor the effectiveness of performance indicators.

Process Consultant

Such consulting job role often requires applicants to have several years of experience in in-depth management of processes, related methods, and tools. Black Belt certification and knowledge of lean processes are helpful. Typically, you will conduct:

  • Impact analysis.

  • Monitor customer engagement.

  • Measure, and evaluate changes in business processes.

  • Develop improvement strategies.

Operations Director

The best candidates for this position should have different traits, such as technical training, experience in leading large production teams, management, and Black Belt Six Sigma certification.

Black Belt training is helpful here as you can take the lead where you can train and motivate the rest of the team that is accountable to you to meet the required standards.


The salary range for professionals who hold Six Sigma Black Belt Certification

Job Designation

Average Salary Range

Senior Project Manager

Rs. 701,557 - Rs. 1,822,747

Quality Assurance Manager

Rs. 484,790 – Rs. 2,265,997

Six Sigma Process Consultant

Rs. 416,790 – Rs. 1,501,590

Operations Director

Rs. 528,738 - Rs. 1,992,000


How To Prepare For A CSSBB Career?

We have discussed here the benefits of Black Belt certification, but the emphasis should also be placed on the institution from where you apply for the certification.

LearNow is the world's leading provider of training services, based on the latest concepts that are recognized by the two best certification bodies ASQ and IASSC.

In addition, the certification offered by LearNow helps individuals manage large projects on their own. With a focus on data interpretation by critical analysis, LearNow ensures that all attendees understand all concepts related to data collection mechanisms, distribution techniques, and data validation.


Investing in Six Sigma Black Belt certification benefits both individuals and the organizations that employ them. Globally, companies are increasingly looking for ways to incorporate the Six Sigma principles and philosophies into their processes.

Knowledge gained from the certification course helps individuals, as well as organizations, make informed decisions that influence the process development and improvement. Black Belt Certification also comprehensively strengthens the business culture by ensuring greater responsibility for resources and processes.

Head over to our training page to know more about our Six Sigma Black Belt Certification Program.

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