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Know All About DevOps

Know All About DevOps

31 Aug 2021 Admin 0 DevOps

If you are not familiar with the IT industry or are just beginning to learn about varied programming techniques and methods, you've probably come across many terms and expressions. These make you a little confused when you have just entered the software world.

One of the terms you've probably heard of is DevOps. But what exactly is DevOps? How does this help you? Is it worth learning this skill?

In our article, we describe what the DevOps course is about and explain it in detail.

What is DevOps?

A software development methodology, DevOps is a combination term that fills the gap between development and operation.

DevOps helps you quickly deliver high-quality applications and services, enabling IT teams to collaborate efficiently and effectively. It can help you improve these products faster as teams automate critical processes and adapt to abrupt flaws and unplanned activity.

Who are DevOps Engineers and what are their tasks?

A DevOps engineer can be a developer with greater responsibility for operations or even having operational experience, working closely with the development team.

Some tasks for a DevOps Engineer would be:

  • Data management.

  • Automation.

  • Allow the software to run on all platforms and operating systems.

  • Communication.

  • Collaboration.

  • Coding.

  • Enable frequent tests and reports.

  • Scripting.

  • Re-engineering process.

What is a DevOps certification?

A DevOps certification is an added credential that demonstrates specific competencies in the skills and topics required to succeed as a DevOps professional.

Typically, you can get the certificate by the following combination:

  • Educational courses.

  • Performance evaluation.

  • Assessment.

  • Way to prove that you meet high standards.

Why DevOps Certification?

Whether you want to improve your current skills, increase your responsibilities, or go in a completely different direction, obtaining a DevOps certificate brings many benefits for both companies and individuals/employees. DevOps positions are consistently the ones with the highest-paid salaries in the industry.

By obtaining the highly demanded DevOps certificate, you can boost the likelihood that you will be offered one of these positions and get bonuses, promotions, or a boost in your salary.

Few attractive benefits are:

  • Increase your Value.

  • Become the best DevOps Practitioner.

  • Shorten recovery time and production cycles.

  • Boost worker morale – increased productivity/profits.

  • Better communication and communication towards customer satisfaction.

  • Increased salary range.

About Course

The training covers all aspects of DevOps, troubleshooting problems with testing, product release, and code automation and management. 32-40 hours of online training equips your knowledge about various DevOps tools like Git, Jenkins, Puppet, Chef, and more. And know about its common strategies like continuous delivery, continuous deployment, and continuous integration.

In addition, the training prepares attendees with lectures and case studies given by skilled trainers. Organizations need DevOps experts who know how to improve performance and accelerate code generation and deployment with the end-user in mind.


  • You must be proficient in any one programming language.

  • Must have basic knowledge of Linux

Course Fee for DevOps:

The costs of the DevOps Certification course ranges between INR 19,000 and INR 25,000 (varies based on training provider)


Many professionals are already looking at DevOps. Yes, because it gives many opportunities for career development. If you want to have better DevOps career, now is the best time to move to the DevOps culture. From the basics to advanced methods, we cover it all. Find out more about flexible learning opportunities. Enroll for the best DevOps online training course today!

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